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6 x 714 MW; Francis turbines including 8.7 m outside diameter ring gates. 2006 Revelstoke, Canada: 1 x 512 MW; Francis turbine with an operating head of 127.1 m and a runner diameter of 7.1 m. 2007 Jin Ping II, China: 8 x 610 MW; high head Francis turbines equipped with ring gates; first application of the splitter blade desig We design and manufacture Pelton, Kaplan, Francis Turbines, Cross-flow Turbines (EP2642115), Hydro machinery and Electrical Equipment for Hydro Plants. We have qualified constructors and engineering team for hydro projects. We design and manufacture hydro equipment in Slovenia and install it around the world

ANDRITZ Hydro Francis turbines are available in varying configurations, horizontal or vertical, with flexibility in design to ensure best efficiency and reliability of operation under the most extreme conditions. ANDRITZ Hydro Francis turbines are characterized by incomparable longevity, durability, reliability, and robustness. Extensive research and development activities ensure best efficiency and maximum output, feasible over a wide range of operation, both in multiple and single unit. 3x144 MW Vertical Francis Type Water Turbine. 2x205 MW Vertical Francis Type Pump Turbine. EGAT/Srinagarind Power Station (Thailand) VG-REIHE Vertikale Turbine für Wasserkraftwerke. Leistung - bis zu 20 MW Förderhöhe - bis zu 1000 m (abhängig von der Art des Laufrades) Arten von Laufrädern - Francis, Kaplan, Pelton. Umfang der.

Vertical Francis Turbines Vertical Francis spiral turbines are predominantly designed as compact machines. Modern, reliable, tested and measured hydraulic designs guarantee our customers top performance. The impellers are CNC-milled in various technologies and thus guarantee top accuracy according to the model Francis turbine is the most widely used turbine in hydro-power plants to generate electricity. Mixed flow turbine is also used in irrigation water pumping sets to pump water from ground for irrigation. It is efficient over a wide range of water head and flow rate. It is most efficient hydro-turbine we have till date The vertical-shaft Kaplan turbine is suitable for new plants, and also makes a good replacement for existing Francis and flow turbines, and water wheels. Little structural alteration work is usually needed and the annual yield can generally be increased substantially. Ask us - we have plenty of examples and references. The inlet and outlet do not need to be positioned one in front of the. 4 vertikale Francis-Turbinen Zentrale Sils: 6 vertikale Francis-Turbinen Zentrale Thusis: 2 horizontale Francis-Turbinen Eingespeiste Energie pro Jahr Gesamt: 1475 GWh Ferrera: 307 GWh Bärenburg: 491 GWh Sils: 660 GWh Thusis: 16 GWh Website www.khr.ch: Stand : 2020 : Die Kraftwerke Hinterrhein AG, abgekürzt KHR, mit Sitz in Thusis ist eine dreistufige Kraftwerksgruppe, welche die Wasserkraft. Francis turbine embraces a radial flow runner in which the water strikes the runner blades radially and departs axially along its axis through a draft tube. The Francis turbine is a mixed flow-type turbine in which the water passes through the curved guide vanes and creates a high curved rotational flow at the outlet. A draft tube is connected at the end of the turbine, and this draft tube.

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5.4 Model Test of Typical Francis Turbine Model tests report of Bhakra Left Bank (5 x 90 MW) turbines were conducted in 1956. Main parameters of the turbine were as follows: Type of turbine : Vertical Francis Net Heads (m) a. Rated : 121.92 b. Design : 121.92 c. Max. : 156.06 d. Min. : 87.79 Turbine Output (kW) a. At rated head : 112000 b. At design head : 112000 c. At max. head : 112000 d. At. Francis turbines may be mounted with vertical or horizontal shafts. Vertical mounting allows a smaller plan area and permits a deeper setting of the turbine with respect to tailrace water elevation locating the generator below tailrace water. Turbine costs for vertical units are higher than for horizontal units because of the need for a larger thrust bearing. However, the savings on. http://www.mekanizmalar.comThe Francis Water Turbine is one of the widely used turbine to generate electricity

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Vertikale Pelton-Turbinen. Wir produzieren vertikale Pelton-Turbinen in 1- bis 6-düsiger Ausführung. Ob innenregulierte oder außenregulierte Düsen, für beide Optionen bieten wir robuste und bewährte Konstruktionen. Die Laufradfertigung erfolgt ausschließlich in CNC- Frästechnologie aus einer Schmiedescheibe und sichert so die erforderliche Qualität. Francis Turbine. Water head: 60m. Water flow: 1.24 M3/s. Capacity: 2x600KW. Rated Speed: 900 r/min. Frequency: 60HZ. Horizontal Francis turbine Francis Turbine. Francis turbine is a kind of turbine suit to water head 20-300meters and with certain suitable flow. It could be divided into vertical and horizontal arrangement. Francis turbine have the advantage of high efficiency, small size and. Mavel's Francis runners are milled from a single block of forged steel using either a 5-axis or 6-axis CNC milling machine. These turbines are customized for each site and can be configured either vertically or horizontally. Over the past 20 years, Mavel has installed over 60 Francis turbines around the world Fans, Heaters, Air Conditioning, Air Purification, HVAC for Medical, Commercial & Industry. manufacturers including Jetheat, Fral, Broughton, Master, Clarke, Powrmatic & Krol Vertical Francis Turbine Unit, Suitable for Hydro-power Stations with Medium or High Head. Key Specifications/Special Features: The Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis It is an inward flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts. Most common water turbine in use today . Mostly suitable for hydro-power stations with medium or.

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Vertical Francis turbine unit, with vertical shaft, metal spiral case or concrete spiral case. With adjustable guide vane, and stay ring etc parts, are suit to runner diameter bigger than 1000mm. Our engineer will select the most suitable Francis turbine for your hydro power project. Wroking principle & Parameters of franics hydro turbine . Water Head: 10m-70m: Power range: 50KW-20MW. Type of Turbine: Vertical Francis Turbine Number of Turbines: 3. Turbine:HLA296-LJ-160 . Generator:SF8000-16/3250 Manufacture:Zhangjiajie Tiancheng Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Email Address:zjjtcjd@163.com . Descrition: The Francis type turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 20m to 300m with higher average efficiency. capable of. HYDRO-TINCK supplies two basic types of Francis turbines, vertical and horizontal, both with spiral casing. Francis turbine housing is filled with water, which means that all the impeller blades work the same force. Turbine power depends on the flow and direction of water flow on the impeller blades. To regulate the flow of water a Francis turbine has blades installed in the turbine casing. vertikale oder horizontale Bauweise; Francis-Laufräder werden aus geschmiedetem, rostfreiem Stahl auf 5-achsigen CNC Maschinen gefräst. Für sehr große Durchmesser können auch geschweißte Laufräder geliefert werden. Anfrage stellen. Diese Projekte könnten Sie auch interessieren. Nam Tha 4, Vietnam, 2020. Lieferumfang: Francis Turbine, Generator, HPU, Inlet valve. Anzahl Turbinen. 2. Francis turbine power depends on the flow and direction of water flow on the impeller blades. To regulate the flow of water a Francis turbine has blades installed in the turbine casing. Blades in the casing are interconnected in a mechanism called the guide. Through changing the location of these vanes we can regulate the turbine power. Shaft drivers can be installed vertically or horizontally.

This Vertical Francis Turbine is designed to produce 40 MW electric powers from the head of 65 m and flow rate of 70.10m3 s. The design parameters of 40 MW Vertical Francis Turbine runner's diameter, height, elevation, shaft, numbers of blades and blade angles are calculated. The initial value of turbine output is assumed as 94 . The number of guide blades and runner blades are also assumed. Francis Turbines. By Hermod Brekke. Abstract - The aim for turbine design is to increase the efficiency and avoid cavitation and fractures during operation. A brief discussion on a the design philosophy during the last 60 years with will be presented. The structural design has moved from castings and riveted plates to fully fabricated structures of high tensile strength steel in the stationary. Turbina de Francis do eixo vertical hidro para a cabeça da água de 20m a 300m Descrição: Francis - o tipo turbina é na maior parte apropriado para estações das energias hidráulicas com cabeça média ou alta de 20m a 300m. Estão no arranjo vertical ou horizontal do eixo e poderiam vastamente ser selecionados pelas centrais hidráulicas Francis turbine is a kind of turbine suit to water head 20-300meters and with certain suitable flow. It could be divided into vertical and horizontal arrangement. Francis turbine have the advantage of high efficiency, small size and reliable structure. Horizontal Francis turbine unit, with horizontal shaft, could be 2 or three supports. Which is normally one stair arrangement. Simple structure.

Francis turbines are propeller type mix flow water turbine in which water comes to the turbine under immense pressure and the energy is extracted by the runner blades from water. MAT Hydro provide high machine efficiency with cost effective solution to our customers. Francis turbine are best suited for large flow and medium head applications Gilkes Francis Turbines are available as either horizontal or vertical units. The water enters the spiral, or scroll case, and is directed by a series of moveable guide vanes, or wicket gates, to the turbine runner. Gilkes Francis runners can be offered fully machined from a single forged block or as a casting solution Vertikale/horizontale Francis-Turbine. 11.922,00 $-357.660,00 $ / Einheit. 1 Einheit (Mindestbestellung) SI HIDROPOWER d.o.o. 2 YRS. Anbieter kontaktieren. China Lieferanten Francis Turbine alternative Energie erzeuger für Wasserkraft werk/Wasser turbine. 100.000,00 $-120.000,00 $ / Satz. 1.0 Satz (Mindestbestellung) CN Beijing Shawraton International New Energy Co., Ltd. 2 YRS. Anbieter.

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Francis turbines propose the highest efficiency. As far as the standard concept is applicable, the runner is directly fitted on the generator shaft, which ensures a compact construction and low maintenance. For smaller units the turbine-generator aggregate is delivered as a complete assembly package ready for immediate installation. Mini hydro from 20 to 3,000 kW and heads from 10 to 150 m. In-Line Vertical Francis Turbine: Model PRT-1850; In-Line Vertical Francis Turbine: Model PRT-1850. Item No: HTS105-002 Weight: 0.00 LBS ( ) : Product Overview; 1700 JOYCE AVENUE COLUMBUS, OH 43219 800-561-9677 (US Only) | 614.297.9877 | FAX: 614.297.9878 hydro@rickly.com. Vertical Francis Turbine Unit 2X3.75mw. US $99,999 / Piece. Barrel Turbine Unit. Turgo Turbine. Water Turbine-Generator Unit with High Efficiency/ High Quality Water Turbine. Axial-Flow Water Turbine / Kaplan Turbine Generator Unit. Product Description. The Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis. It is.

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  1. Mavel - Vertical Francis Turbine. Runner Diameters 1000 mm to 2500 mm. Head Range Up to 300 meters (1000 feet). Flow Range Up to 35 cms (1236 cfs). Power Output Up to 30 MW. Transmission Runner Assembled to Generator or Turbine... REQUEST QUOTE. REQUEST QUOTE. Mavel designs and manufactures turbines at one of its two Czech Republic state-of-the art production facilities. The company's.
  2. Die vertikale Kaplan-Schachtturbine eignet sich nicht nur für Neuanlagen sondern auch sehr gut als Ersatz für bestehende Francis- und Durchströmturbinen sowie Wasserräder. Die Umbauarbeiten sind meist gering und der Jahresertrag kann im allgemeinen erheblich gesteigert werden. Fragen Sie uns an, wir haben genügend Beispiele und Referenzen
  3. Francis turbine runner. by Kashish Verma. 8 440 0. SOLIDWORKS 2015, Rendering, June 21st, 2018 Francis Turbine. by Prashant Manori. 9 276 0. SOLIDWORKS 2016, Rendering, April 8th, 2018 Wicket Gates Assembly of by Usman Akhtar. 11 159 2. SOLIDWORKS 2016, November 13th, 2017 Francis Turbine Runner. by Usman Akhtar. 11 227 0. SOLIDWORKS 2016, October 13th, 2017 francis turbine. by Ejub Avdic.
  4. Francis vertikal VOITH Bj. 1937. 1,60 m. 4,12 cbm/s. 71,5 PS. Komplettanlage inkl. Getriebe und generator. Alle Angaben gemäß Verkäuferangaben und ohne Gewähr. Wir können die Verfügbarkeit nicht garantieren. Datenstand: 31. Januar 2021.
  5. Pelton Turbines. Our range includes vertical and horizontal Pelton turbines with 1 to 6 nozzles and a power range up to 50 MW. Francis Turbines. Thanks to state-of-the-art model tests, newly developed production processes and sophisticated designs, our product range includes horizontal and vertical Francis turbines up to a capacity of 50 MW
  6. Francis Turbine is a combination of both impulse and reaction turbine, where the blades rotate using both reaction and impulse force of water flowing through them producing electricity more efficiently. Francis turbine is used for the production of electricity in hydro power stations. Majorly there are 2 turbines flow patterns on which they work, namely radial and axial flow concepts. An.
  7. vertical francis turbine generator produce power without causing to bear the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels. They efficiently convert renewable energy sources into electrical energy. Find all types of alternative energy generators like wind turbines, vertical francis turbine generator, etc. at Alibaba.com

Horizontal / Vertical Shaft Francis Turbine Runner for Capacity 100KW - 20MW . Descrition: The Francis type turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 10m to 300m. They are in both vertical or horizontal shaft arrangement and could be vastly selected by the hydraulic power stations. lts feature is that the water flow enters the runner inward in a radial. Francis-Turbine hat eine vertikale Wellenanordnung und eine horizontal ausgerichtete Rotoranordnung, die Läufer genannt wird, die unter Wasser arbeitet. Der Wasserzulauf ist ebenfalls vertikal und wird von steuerbaren Leitschaufeln auf den Läufer gerichtet. Der Läufer dreht sich hauptsächlich aufgrund des Gewichts / Drucks des Wassers. Kaplan-Turbine wurde im Jahr 1913 vom. We supply Francis-turbines up to a 25 MW per unit. For medium head applications with medium flow. Individualised design at state-of-the-art technology provides highest efficiency, longest lifespan and secures extraordinary profitability. We provide for every application the perfect solution: as Open-flume turbine for low head; with a spiral casing for medium head; as horizontal and vertical. fitted Francis-turbine runner, it is clear from the figure that the splitting of the flow at the tips of the blade inlets is suppressed. Furthermore, in the interior of the runner, there is no skew of the flow in the direction of the crown shroud, and the out flow through the blade outlets maintains that state. Transformation in the complexion of the flow in this manner brings about an.

Francis-Turbinen-Hauptläufer Welle des Hochwassers horizontaler mit Edelstahlläufer. Typ:Horizontale/vertikale Francis-Turbine. Wassersäule:10m -- 300 The turbine casing is machined in 5-axis CNC machine ensuring high accuracy and top production quality. Runners are constructed from monoblock forged discs ensuring the highest possible durability of the part. Based on the project requirements the following options are offered: Horizontal Francis turbines. Vertical Francis turbines. Overhung. Vertical 1000kw 10m3/S Francis Type Turbine; Dongfeng 50000kW Axial Flow Hydro Turbine; 50m Water Head 40MW Axial Flow Hydro Turbine; DEC Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. 1 2 3. DEC Dongfeng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred as to Dongfeng)formerly known as Sichuan Dongfeng Motor Works, was founded in 1965. As a top-secret military enterprise during the Third-front. Francis turbines. with horizontal or vertical drive shafts, power range from 5-500 kW, runner diameter of up to 2 m and head range to 100 m. turbine actuation using hydraulic, electrical and counter-weight systems. system components: generators, gearboxes, flat belt drive, clutches. replacement runners under licence of Voith Hydro While Francis turbines in larger plants are normally vertical, those in small hydropower plants can be horizontal too. This reduces the cost of the civil works necessary and simplifies the overall plant design. Meanwhile Pelton turbines for small hydropower plants have generating capacities of between 5 and 30 MW and will be able to handle head heights of between 60 and 800 m. These can be.

Francis turbine operating in sediment laden river projects, excessive wear and damage often occurs on the guide vanes, facing plates, runner and labyrinth rings due to sand erosion. The requirement of dismantling the head cover to repair the facing plates and wearing ring is one of the major influencing parameter of turbine assembly design to increase down time during turbine maintenance A Francis turbine is installed with a vertical draft tube. The pressure gauge located at the penstock leading to the turbine casing reads 372.6 KPa and velocity of water at inlet is 6 m/sec. The discharge is 2.5 m3/sec. The hydraulic efficiency is 85%, and the overall efficiency is 82%. The top of the draft tube is 1.5 m below the centerline of the spiral casing, while the tailrace level is 2. The Francis turbine (after the American inventor James B. Francis) is still the most widely used type of turbine and is employed in situations with an average drop and flow rates. We favour building horizontal Francis spiral turbines, whose efficiency is being optimised and improved through the newest hydraulic forms

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  1. The Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis in Lowell, Massachusetts. It is an inward-flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts.. Francis turbines are the most common water turbine in use today. They operate in a water head from 40 to 600 m (130 to 2,000 ft) and are primarily used for electrical power production
  2. Horizontal / Vertical Shaft Francis Turbine Runner for Francis Turbine Capacity 0.1MW - 20MW . Descrition: The Francis type turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 10m to 300m. They are in both vertical or horizontal shaft arrangement and could be vastly selected by the hydraulic power stations. lts feature is that the water flow enters the runner.
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  4. China horizontale Turbine Liste Hersteller, erhalten Sie Zugriff auf horizontale Turbine Hersteller und Lieferanten aus China horizontale Turbine effektiv auf de.Made-in-China.co
  5. Francis Horizontal Vertical Hydro Power Turbine . 1. Brief Introduction . The Francis turbine fills a large gap between the Pelton and Kaplan and it is widely used. They operate in water head from 10 to 600 meters, and are primarily used for electric power generation. Their power output can be calculated from the water head and flow rate and.
  6. Francis Turbines Hydrohrom. They are designed for heads from 20 up to 100 m. With both horizontal or vertical shaft arrangement and only with direct connection to the generator. Turbine either has its own shaft support, or the runner is directly on the shaft of generator. Runner is manufactured using technology of exact casting and digitally created model using CNC technology. Guide vanes are.

5 x 295 MW; vertical Francis turbines with an opera ting head of 69 m and a runner diameter of 6.4 m. 2003 Omkareshwar, India: 8 x 66.3 MW; large low head Francis turbines with operating head in the range of about 30 m. 2005 Xiaowan, China: 6 x 714 MW; Francis turbines including 8.7 m outside diameter ring gates. 2006 Revelstoke, Canada: 1 x 512 MW; Francis turbine with an operating head of. Buy vertical francis hydro turbine and renew the power of electricity. Find an exclusive collection of efficient vertical francis hydro turbine sold by the most trustworthy suppliers at Alibaba.com

Francis turbines. supplies two basic types of Francis turbines, vertical and horizontal, both with spiral casing. READ MORE . Pelton Turbines. supplies two basic types of Pelton turbines, vertical (with 4-6 nozzles) and horizontal with 1-2 nozzles). READ MORE . Kaplan Turbines. Kaplan Turbines are impeller-turbines, where the runner turns in the water flow like a ship´s propeller. READ MORE. 400kw Francis Turbine Hydro Generator [Search Related Products] The hydro generator made by Hi-Sea Marine are synchronous generator which are manufactured with advanced technology and excellent machining equipment and can meet different technical conditions of all kinds of turbines Running Gear: 3 units: Vertical shaft synchronous generator driven by a Francis turbine. Vertical shaft synchronous generator driven by a propeller turbine, and a vertical shaft induction generator driven through a flat belt by a Kaplan turbine. Scope: Replacement control system, switchgear, excitation, wicket gate operators. Click for more info and pictures. 1.2 MW, MN. Year: 2016 Running.

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Find Turbines, Francis, vertical products, suppliers, manufacturers and exporters. Jump to page content Accessibility. FREE Newsletter Latest hydro news and technology. Log in or Register. Home News Features Project Profiles Magazine Info Events Jobs Buyers Guide White Papers Press Releases Company A - Z Dam Engineering Yearbook Digital Edition Subscribe Online. Turbines, Francis, vertical. Francis Turbine is a reaction turbine used primarily for applications with medium head and large flows. FLOVEL's Francis turbines are based on decades of know-how and state-of-the-art technology. These Francis turbines guarantee the highest operating efficiency and reliability. Hydraulic Turbine Application Range. Application Range Features » Heads up to 450 Meters » Horizontal or vertical. Kaplan turbine is smaller and compact when compared to Francis turbine. The disposition of shaft is always in vertical direction because it is axial flow turbine. The rotation speed (RPM) is higher than that of the Francis turbine. In Kaplan turbine, Servomotors are located inside hollow shaft of turbine runner

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Francis Turbines: Up to 450 metres head in horizontal and vertical orientation, Vortex team engineers manufactured, assembled and balanced the 6 nozzle vertical turbine. Contributing factors in being awarded the contract, were the combination of an expert design and the cost-effective quality manufacturing. The machine has a wide operating range (from 3% to 100% of full load) and enables a.

Horizontale/Verticale Schacht Francis Turbine Runner voor Capaciteit 100KW - 20MW Beschrijving: Francis - de typeturbine is meestal geschikt voor waterkrachtposten met middelgroot of hoog hoofd van 10m aan 300m. Zij zijn in zowel verticale of horizontale schachtregeling als konden enorm door de hydraulische krachtcentrales worden geselecteerd Specific speed:50~300rpm. The largest capacity of our single Francis turbine unit is 6000KW. Head range up to more than 300 m. Capacity up to about 20 000 kW. Excellent peak efficiency. High efficiency also at partial water flow down to about 50%. Complete range of specific speeds for runner design allows optimized matching to synchronous speed.

20kw Small Francis Type Hydro Turbine System Water Turbine Price. US $ 8800-12000 / Set. Min. Order:1 Set. Chat with Supplier. Output Type: AC Three Phase. Size: Large. Type: Horizontal Hydro Generator. Bearing Support: Hanging Type. Speed: Low Speed Francis Die Francis-Turbine wird in Wasserkraftwerken verwendet, wo der Sprung zwischen 15 und 400 m liegt und kann entweder horizontal oder vertikal sein. Die Francis-Turbine hat eine einfache Struktur und einen stabilen Betrieb, und passt in Wasserkraftwerken mit einem Medium-Hochsprung und Medium-Hochwasserdurchsatz. Das Spektrum unserer Produktion geht ab 100 kW bis 50 MW an. Kaplan La. Une turbine Francis est une turbine hydraulique de type « à réaction ». Elle est adaptée à des hauteurs de chute moyennes (de 30 à 300 mètres), pour des puissances et débits moyens ou forts (tel le barrage d'Itaipu) : de quelques kilowatts à plusieurs centaines de mégawatts avec des débits de 10 à 700 m 3 /s [Note hydraulic turbine GG series. Kaplan Francis Pelton. hydraulic turbine. GG series. Rated power kW: 0 kW - 20,000 kW. GG SERIES Horizontal turbine for hydroelectric power plants. Power - up to 20 MW Head - up to 1000 m (depends on the type of impeller) Types of impellers - Francis, Kaplan, Pelton Vertical Kaplan turbine Country: Georgia Capacity:1000KW Rated water head: 6 m Rated water flow: 21.3 m3/sec Brief introduction. related products. Kaplan turbine price . Horizontal Francis Turbine . Horizontal Pelton turbine . Mini Pelton turbine 5KW . Inquiry Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us. We will contact with you as soon as possible..

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The Francis turbine is the ideal solution for falls between 10 and 100 meters, with a medium water flow. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we build Francis turbines with horizontal or vertical axis. For Francis turbines we also study complete customized solutions, entirely built in the compan The GrabCAD Library offers millions of free CAD designs, CAD files, and 3D models. Join the GrabCAD Community today to gain access and download Francis turbines manufactured by Boland can be used under the circumstance of water head from 15m to 250m, and the diameter of the runner is from 0.35m to 4.5m, installed capacity per unit can vary from 50KW to 50MW roughly.For high water head,Francis Turbine owns low specific speed,for medium water head,it has medium specific speed.As for small water head,it has high specific speed Francis hydro turbine is mostly suitable for hydropower stations with medium or high head from 10m to 300m, the Runner made of stainless steel, have good performance. SKU: 0020. Categories: 100KW-10000KW, Francis Hydro Turbine, Horizontal Shaft, turbine. Send an enquiry Micro Francis Turbine. It is an inward-flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts. Available in very small sizes, With Horizontal and Vertical arrangements along with Alternator and Governor System. Power Output 1 - 6 Kilo Watts. Discharge 33 LPS. Head 3-10 Meter cover for vertical Francis turbine installed in Nepalese hydropower station, including its effect on unit outage during overhauling of the machine. Design optimization of head cover has been carried out by considering the maintenance performance analysis tool, intending to explore the ease of maintenance and to identify the maintenance friendly assembly design of vertical Francis turbine.

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