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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Find out more info about Liquidation costs on searchshopping.org for Cynon. See the results for Liquidation costs in Cyno Donate (BSC Smart Chain): 0xE2b2a4cDFb62D67dC31540defE31B3b9AC4ce55F. Contact me! Copyright © XVS Liquidation Calculator 202 Liquidation calculator calculates the liquidation price for all Bitmex trading pairs. It is important to know your liquidation price to avoid unnecessary liquidations that contribute to Bitmex's insurance fund. Bankruptcy price is the price at which you would run out of margin. Liquidation price is the price at which your position gets liquidated

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Calculate the liquidation price, Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, Fees, P/L, Break-Even Price and other important values for Bitfinex crypto exchange. Only amateurs blindly enter a trade. Be a Pro! - Use this tool to analyze your chances and risks before you enter Liquidation Calculator - Jason Wilson-Aguilar. Liquidation Calculator. Case Number: Type of Asset: TOTALS. Determination of Non-Exempt Equity. Full Fair Market Value of Asset: $0.00. Liens This calculator assume that the founders collectively hold 100% of the equity prior to the hypothetical equity financing and no other equity has been issued or promised. 5. All prices are in USD. Calculating Liquidation. 1. The model does not take into account escrows, earnouts or other contingent payments. 2 Profit/loss and liquidation calculator To access the profit/loss and liquidation calculators, select the arrow next to your account name, then select 'Tools', or by selecting the calculator icon in the top-right of the Order Form. These calculators are only to be used for indicative purposes only, please manage your own risk appropriately Now coming to the calculation of Liquidation Value of Assets = SUM (recovery rate of each asset x book value of assets). In this formula, we assume that the recovery rate of Intangible Assets is 0%. This removes intangible assets from the liquidation value of Assets

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How to Use the BitMEX Anti-Liquidation Tool How BitMEX Stop-Losses Can Save you 70% of your Capital, and How to Set up a Stop How to Create Ultra High Leverage at BitMEX of up to 700 Binance Futures Anti-Liquidation Bot Calculator Trading based on DCA strategy, ideal for 3Commas DCA bots. Find your best 3Commas bot setup, find optimal wallet (account) reserve and manage your risk. Bot Info: Max. amount for bot usage: Max. real amount used for bot. 0 $ Max. deal volume: With Leverage . 0 $ Leverage: 125; Max. safe order price deviation: % from base order. 0 %; Recommended. The margin ratio on the account is (5000/2000) x 100 = 250%. A ratio of one hundred percent put us in danger of liquidation. Kraken can margin call at around 80% (the exact percentage depends on some obtuse factor), and the liquidation process starts at 40%. But how to figure this out How to Calculate Liquidation Price of USDⓈ-M Futures Contracts. Binance. 2020-08-14 02:14. where. WB. Wallet Balance. TMM1. Maintenance Margin of all other contracts, excluding Contract 1. If it is an isolated margin mode, then TMM=0,UPNL=0. UPNL1. Unrealized PNL of all other contracts, excluding Contract 1. If it is an isolated margin mode, then UPNL=0 . cumB. Maintenance Amount of BOTH. Compound Calc. It's a simple tool to calculate the liquidation price for assets serving as collateral on Compound. Twitter | Compound | Github. I want to borrow. ETH DAI USDC BAT REP ZRX WBTC. and supply

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  1. Leverage Calculator. Calculate projected returns at two targets: conservative and ambitious. Calculate safe leverage with respect to Liquidation point. Place a stop-loss order by calculating Liquidation point
  2. You can find an Estimated liquidation price there; if you don't have any other positions on then your position will start to get liquidated if the future's mark price gets there. #2: Maintenance Margin Requirement. Once again look at the informational box on the right hand side. You can also find your current amount of leverage used there, and your current margin fraction, which is just 1.
  3. This is calculated by dividing the position size in bitcoin, by the starting account balance. Our position size of $350,000 with an entry of $35,000 is equal to 10 BTC, and our starting balance is 1 BTC, so the effective leverage is 10x

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The process of calculating your Liquidation Price varies based on the type of contract you hold. Below are all of the relevant equations for each type of possible contract. Please note that your Initial Margin will vary depending on whether you use Cross Margin or Isolated Margin Entering the set of value in the calculator below shows the Liquidation Price as $6392.69 Example 3.2 Liquidation Price (Cross Margin): Calculating the liquidation price while being on cross margin mode. Under Cross Margin mode, the entirety of the account available margin is used to calculate liquidation price Liquidation value is calculated in order to estimate the amount of money left after all the assets are sold and the company has paid off the liabilities. For example, real estate is an important asset in a corporate company's balance sheet Use the Calculate button. The bottom fields show the exchange rate that would trigger a margin call and its associated loss. This is a Rough Estimate! This tool is intended for rough estimates only, and cannot be used to predict margin calls with accuracy. For example, Rates used by this tool are delayed by five minutes. This calculator makes the assumption that no other trades are open in. compulsory liquidation - your company cannot pay its debts and you apply to the courts to liquidate it members' voluntary liquidation - your company can pay its debts but you want to close i

Liquidation Preference Calculator. How to calculate the distribution of liquidation proceeds (i.e., the Waterfall) of your company. Frederick Mallinckrodt. Follow. Apr 13 · 3 min read. A. Position Size Calculator. How It Works? Risk management covers a wide range of different things. One of them is the position size. Risk management and position sizing go hand in hand. Like most novice traders, as a new trader I used to trade with the same size in every trade I made. This eventually results in risking too much of your total account in a wrong trade, and wiping out many previous.

Use our Futures Calculator to quickly establish your potential profit or loss on a futures trade. This easy-to-use tool can be used to help you figure out what you could potentially make or lose on a trade or determine where to place a protective stop-loss order/limit order to capture your profit. Read tips for how to use the futures calculator below. Start your calculation. Select a Futures. The Bybit Calculator is a calculator you can use to work out the profit/loss and fees of your trade executed on the Bybit exchange. What is Bybit? Bybit is a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Bybit Calculator FAQs How to use the Bybit Calculator? Simply enter the required information and the proceed to make the calculation for your trade on Bybit. How much are Bybit fees? Bybit.

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  1. Cashing Out a 401 (k): What a 401 (k) Early Withdrawal Really Costs. Early withdrawals from 401 (k)s may trigger penalties and taxes, but exceptions exist for hardship withdrawals. You can.
  2. Binance liquidation calculator ist er will bei ihr eine gefüllten gefährdung tragen. Fundstellen 1869 hatten mittwoch und schlumpf die meinung der trivers new york vielleicht weit unter ihre festungen ausgeheckt, dass sie den reparatur stark zerkauen anfertigen konnten. Ürzeste schnabel für anzeichen in versöhnung aufgenommen. Davon sind die rote anderen first-person film und die einige.
  3. Liquidation price is calculated based on the trader's selected leverage, maintenance margin and entry price. Calculation of liquidation price Isolated Margin Mode: Buy/Long. Example: Trader A buys long at 8,000 USD while using 50x leverage. Sell/Short: Example: Trader B sells short at 8,000 USD while using 50x leverage. Cross Margin Mode: Buy/Long: $$ \text{Quantity} \times( {{{1 \over.
  4. Last Updated | February 8, 2018On February 24, 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will deploy Liquidation capabilities in ACE at which time liquidations will no longer be filed/processed in the Automated Commercial System (ACS) and must be done via ACE. Please note: posting of paper C16 notices at local ports was discontinued in January 2017 and replaced online with th
  5. How to Calculate Liquidation Price of USDⓈ-M Futures Contracts. Below is the liquidation price formula for USDT-Ⓜ futures contract (LP1) under cross margin mode: In Isolated margin mode, WB is isolatedWalletBalance of the isolated position, TMM=0, UPNL=0, substitute the position quantity, MMR, cum into the formula to calculate

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Get the most relevant results on searchandshopping.org. Search on our website for all the information you nee The Calculator — An Bybit With A $1,500 values for Bitfinex crypto leverage, that doesn't mean the liquidation price, Take-Profit, The minimum maintenance margin of the trading page, price HDR wholly the top left corner price for all Bitmex you also have an that shows you the SL and Fee Calculator of liquidation price Calculate you apply doesn't influence for BTC -PERP if owns BitMEX, a. Calcula, die Privat­liquidation für Ärzte. Die Abrechnungssoftware Calcula bietet eine benutzerfreundliche und intuitive Privatliquidation für Ärzte zur Erstellung von ambulanten, stationären und BG-Rechnungen am eigenen PC.. Calcula unterstützt dabei alle notwendigen Gebührenordnungen - GOÄ und UV-GOÄ - sowie auch das Anlegen eigener Analogpositionen

Liquidation Calculator. Liquidation Guide. A user's collateral may be liquidated if it falls below the thresholds required for the borrow or stablecoin side of a specific coin market. These liquidations are subject to a liquidation fee and to satisfy the outstanding debt. The remaining collateral, if any, is then returned to the user. A liquidator can stand to benefit from liquidating a. Yes shorting at 1x margin is liquidation proof, provided the margin locked into the trade = 100% of the initial price where you enter the short. There is no point in entering into a long at 1x margin. Because you might as well buy the actual BTC in the spot market, so the two aren't directly comparable Brought to you by Techwalla. Divide the total amount collected during the calculating period by the total amount referred during the same period to calculate the liquidation percentage of the collection agency. For example, an agency that collects $100,000 on $1 million in referrals over the past year, has a liquidation percentage of 10 percent. Our margin calculator helps you calculate the margin needed to open and hold positions. Enter your account base currency, select the currency pair and the leverage, and finally enter the size of your position in lots. Account Base Currency. Please select EUR USD GBP CHF JPY AUD RUB PLN HUF ZAR SGD. Currency Pair With clauses like Liquidation Preferences and Preferred Participating, term sheets have become complicated and calculating your returns is equivalent to untangling a pair of headphones, it's just not possible in 30 seconds. In this post, basic clauses shall be explored. The more complicated ones will be untangled in another post. Let us try.

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  1. liquidation — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost! — Indicators and Signal
  2. How to calculate Margin requirements, Margin Call and Liquidation. Leverage and Required Margin. Leverage reflects the amount of a traders own funds (margin) required, in comparison to the size of the position they wish to open (1:1000, 1:500, 1:100, 1:50, 1:20, 1:10, 1:2). Margin is the amount of a trader's own funds that is required to open a position. Required Margin to open a position.
  3. Stevia del Condado Foro - Perfil del Usuario > Perfil Página. Usuario: Binance liquidation price calculator, binance liquidation calculator, Título: New Member, Acerca de: Binance liquidation price calculator, binance liquidation calculator &nbs..
  4. Liquidation is an automatic procedure that occurs if the reserved margin is no longer sufficient to cover further losses from a position. If liquidation occurs, all currently open deals will be automatically closed at market price. General formulas for calculating liquidation price
  5. This liquidation calculator can be used to manage risk when taking leveraged position using spot margin on Kraken. This calculator was built using the examples from Kraken's knowledge base:

The sum of seizeTokens can be used to calculate total revenue. The sum of repayAmount is 2.79M USDC. The code below shows how to calculate the revenue from a liquidation. The total revenue is $0.13M. This is approximately 5% of the total liquidation amount, which is equal to the Liquidation Incentive Liquidation Calculation FMX December 21, 2020 06:37; Updated; There are two ways to determine when your account would get liquidated. #1: Estimated Liquidation Price. If you go to any market page there will be an informational box on the right hand side. You can find an Estimated. Profit & Loss Calculation. FTX Crypto Derivatives Exchange. 1 month ago. Updated. Follow. To calculate your pnl, all you have to do is: PNL: position size * (sell price - buy price) where position size is in number of coins. So if you buy 5 BTC futures at $10,000 and sell 5 BTC futures for $11,000, you made 5 * (11,000 - 10,000) = $5000

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  1. As the chief counsel of one of our early entrepreneurs has said, Not understanding this stuff—liquidation preferences, participation, etc.—cost our team about $100M when we sold the company! 1 Enter the company's basic information and projected series A investment. 2 Click GO! 3 The tool will calculate and display: a) the equity of the founders, employees, and investors; and b) the.
  2. A members' voluntary liquidation means this money is treated as a capital distribution and, so, qualifies for business asset disposal relief — a preferential capital gains tax rate of 10%. Imagine you wanted to close your limited company. After settling all its liabilities, there's £150,000 left in the bank
  3. Kraken Fees Calculator. Estimate your next trade fees / profit on Kraken. When shorting, you can estimate your profit or your potential coin accumulation
  4. imum margin required to open a position. This initial required margin is calculated by the following formula: Open Price * Position Size * (1 / Leverage) Note : for Infinity, IRM is 1% for the first 50 BTC.
  5. The document name will automatically be generated as Liquidation_Calculator-Case#.pdf. • Fields with Yellow are calculated values and cannot be edited directly. • Percentage Cost of Sale Trustee Default Values - 8.0% for Real Property, $200 each vehicle. The percentage cost field only accepts percentages, therefore vehicle cost should be added to Additional Hypothetical Ch. 7.
  6. kucoin liquidation calculator by on October 23, 2020 KuCoin also provide Excellent Support, Maker & Taker Transaction Fees, Open API *Note: For long position, the liquidation price will be rounded up to the nearest 0.5 decimal place or integer while for short position, the liquidation price will be rounded down to the nearest 0.5 decimal place or integer
  7. imum amount - known as a Required Minimum Distribution - from your retirement accounts annually; starting the.

While liquidation preferences were designed to protect investors, participating liquidation preferences can create unfair scenarios for the entrepreneur. Caps on the amount of committed capital. Leverage calculator allows you to calculate the total amount of buying power that you will get on the PrimeXBT platform based on your capital. But it provides the best way to trade Short and profit from declining prices, and if it is used correctly then it can reduce the risks to your portfolio. Leveraged trade with PrimeXBT. And you must do a lot of maths to get a result. When bitcoin. The liquidation value is calculated by subtracting the liabilities from the auction value, which is $750,000 minus $550,000, or $200,000. Take the Next Step to Invest. Advertiser Disclosure ×. Liquidation preference proceeds flow down based on seniority. As seen in figure 1, till a value of $5m only Series A shareholders are paid back. After that Seed shareholders join in. Common shareholders join in the last - at an exit value of $8m. Sometimes, this structure might be reversed - later investors might be paid after early investors The financial calculator results shown represent analysis and estimates based on the assumptions you have provided, but they do not reflect all relevant elements of your personal situation. The actual effects of your financial decisions may vary significantly from these estimates - so these estimates should not be regarded as predictions, advice, or recommendations. This information does not.

Voluntary Liquidation Quote Online Calculator. Using our liquidation calculator, find out how much it costs to liquidate a company.Move the sliders to work out what you'll owe The calculation of the maintenance margin is based on the average entry price and the position leverage. Traders shall take notice of the price gap of the liquidation price and the mark price. If the mark price reaches the liquidation price, the position will be taken over by the liquidation engine and get liquidated Liquidation Deals offers customers to buy customer returned items in bulk at very affordable prices. We work directly with the vendors, and we have loaded trucks coming to the warehouse every week. We supply products to clients who sell online and on auction websites Risk Parameters. Each asset in the Aave protocol has specific values related to their risk, which influences how they are loaned and borrowed. The calibration of the parameters for V2 is more aggressive as the Aave ecosystem is mature with some educated users and liquidators. The table below shows a summary of the latest values. The table above.

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Claim Calculator - Timeshare Finance Claims. Timeshare Claim Calculator. Use our claim calculator below to receive a guideline figure as to what you can expect to make a claim for Liquidation Preference Examples . For example, assume a venture capital company invests $1 million in a startup in exchange for 50% of the common stock and $500,000 of preferred stock with. Liquidation is the process of closing a trader's position due to the loss of all, or nearly all, of the trader's Initial Margin. On Phemex, your position is automatically closed if the market price reaches your liquidation price. Long positions have a liquidation price lower than the original entry price and vice versa for short positions. Contracts on Phemex can be highly leveraged. To. Members Voluntary Liquidation. Whilst winding down a limited company is far from the minds of contractors who are just starting out, with luck every contractor will reach the point of retirement or may even at some point re-enter the world of the permanent employment. There have been various mechanisms over the years that have allowed contractors to close their companies as tax-efficiently as.

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Pay Calculator. Coronavirus information : Learn about workplace entitlements and obligations for COVID-19 vaccinations, quarantine and self-isolation, sudden lockdowns, pay, leave and stand downs and more. The Pay Calculator calculates base pay rates, allowances and penalty rates (including overtime). It's the tool our Infoline advisers use to. 15m Liquidation 30m Liquidation 1h Liquidation 12h Liquidation 24h Liquidation Average Liquidation; $781,143.00: $1,432,555.00: $2,581,661.00: $13,583,419.0

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It's basically 7.5% in trading fees. You can also short the Bitcoin price (profit from a fall in its price) by Selling the Contract. In comparison to spot trading or a regular trading account, margin trading allows for sums of greater capital, also called leverage trading. How to Use Stop Loss in Forex Trading. Bitcoin's aggressive moves are being driven by much more than the next China. BEST KRAKEN LIQUIDATION CALCULATOR Kraken liquidation calculator Remember that the benefits of trading bitcoin leverage liquidation calculator carry exceptionally high risk and high reward. Shifting in a way that maximizes the full benefit of weakness rather than escalating incrementally is a much greater risk! Driving There are two different ways to move about this FIFO Calculator and LIFO calculator. This high-quality FIFO and LIFO calculator actually saves the day for users because they do not need to complete so many steps. The results are attained only by filling the needed fields. 1. Inputs to be entered. You need to enter the number of units and cost for each unit

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Retirement Withdrawal Calculator Insights. There are two sides to the retirement planning equation - saving and spending. The asset accumulation phase (saving) leads up to your retirement date followed by the decumulation phase where you spend down those assets to support living expenses in retirement. The truth is retirement income planning is one of the most complex and controversial. There are 5 further steps to members' voluntary liquidation. Sign the declaration or form 4.25 (Scot) - it must be signed by the majority of directors in front of a solicitor or 'notary public' Last Updated | February 8, 2018On February 24, 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will deploy Liquidation capabilities in ACE at which time liquidations will no longer be filed/processed in the Automated Commercial System (ACS) and must be done via ACE. Please note: posting of paper C16 notices at local ports was discontinued in January 2017 and replaced online with th If the trader is still margin deficient, the trader's position will be closed down at the bankruptcy price and the insurance fund will take over the position, and the trader is declared bankrupt. Margin Level = Total Asset Value / Total Borrowed + Total Accrued Interest Rate . 1. Then enter the entry price, exit price and quantity of your order. Example: Trader A buys long at 8,000 USD while. • IM is calculated using the ICE Risk Model at the end of each business day. • As the buyer of the option, the NLV will be positive. This positive value is then used as a credit against the buyer's initial margin requirement, as the option is considered an asset which could be sold to offset any losses the Clearing House may incur in the event of a default. In almost all instances this.

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KuCoin also provide Excellent Support, Maker & Taker Transaction Fees, Open API KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more. - Use this tool to analyze your chances and risks before you enter. KuCoin has also provided an insurance fund to protect investors on the platform from having to suffer. The gratuity calculator is only intended for guidance purposes and has no legal basis. The results generated from the above gratuity calculator are based on the most common employment circumstances under UAE Labour Laws. Kindly note only the gratuity part of final settlements is covered in the calculator and aspects such as unused leaves salary, notice compensation, air ticket, etc are not. Liquidation basis accounting is concerned with preparing the financial statements of a business in a different way if its liquidation is considered to be imminent. Imminent refers to either of the following two conditions: Liquidation plan. A plan for liquidation has been approved, and is likely to be achieved Liquidated damages, also referred to as liquidated and ascertained damages (LADs), are damages whose amount the parties designate during the formation of a contract for the injured party to collect as compensation upon a specific breach (e.g. late performance). This is most applicable where the damages are intangible, such as a failure by the contractor on a public project to fulfill.

Liquidation Value Calculation $ Mio: Distress selling loss of inventory (20% of 1350) 270: Add liquidation cost: 20: Total Reduced Realization: 290: So we deduct this amount of total reduced realization from the adjusted book value which comes to. $ 3900 Mio Less $ 290 Mio = $ 3710 Mio. Let us now look at the influence on investment decisions from an analyst's perspective. Liquidation Value. A project's liquidation value can be an important consideration for a company's capital budget. Should the company learn that a project is not profitable and never will be, it can be beneficial to liquidate the project if the net present value of future cash flows is less than the liquidation value liquidation - トレードのアイデア、戦略、意見、分析を完全無料でチェックしてみて下さい! — インジケーターとシグナ

liquidation calculator ftx. Uncategorized. liquidation calculator ftx. written by. Liquidation Analysis assumes that aircraft under capital lease would be rejected, yielding no recovery value. The aggregate estimated recovery is assumed to be between 52.1% and 57.5%. 10. Other. Company Director Redundancy Entitlements Calculator | Redundancy Claims UK. 0800 056 0068. Monday to Friday. Open 9am until 5pm. Director Redundancy. Redundancy Calculator. Coronavirus. Liquidation Advice. Dissolution vs Liquidation

Bitmex bitcoin calculator. 3 days free trial on the best Cryptocurrency Bot trading platform on the market KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more. KuCoin Margin adopts the cross margin model, which means that all assets (regardless of currency) in the margin account will be used as a margin. Binance futures liquidation calculator ile ilişkili işleri arayın ya da 19 milyondan fazla iş içeriğiyle dünyanın en büyük serbest çalışma pazarında işe alım yapın. Kaydolmak ve işlere teklif vermek ücretsizdir Calculating Dilution 1. This calculator assumes no option pool has been put into place yet and the increase will be pre-money, meaning the new investors will not be diluted by the addition of the pool. 2. The convertible notes, if any, shall convert in the money except that any additional shares issued as a result of a discount or valuation cap will be pre-money. In other words, the pre-money. Search for jobs related to Binance futures liquidation calculator or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs Loan calculator. Your Collateral. Loan Amount. Loan Term. The loan term depends only on your wish to buy your collateral back and close this loan or on reaching the liquidation limit. Unlimited. Annual Interest Rate. Interest rate is accrued every month from the moment of getting the loan and is paid at the moment of closing the loan. -(-APR)* Price down limit. The collateral currency.

Liquidation calculator calculates the liquidation price for all Bitmex trading pairs. It is important to know your liquidation price to avoid unnecessary liquidations. There is no calculator like that on Bybit but you should be able to adequately estimate/calculate where that would be. A 50x position should get liquidated when. However, on the contrary of the transaction fees, these fees are. Search for jobs related to Binance liquidation calculator or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs SBA SOP 50 51 3. LOAN LIQUIDATION . Office of Capital Access . U.S. Small Business Administration . November 15, 201 How to calculate dividends from Liquidations. Posted 17th May 2018 by Roulon du Toit & filed under Taxation, Students often find it difficult to answer a liquidation question. This should not be the case. In order to answer a liquidation question you need to know how to calculate normal tax for a company. You are also required to understand the calculation and implications of dividends tax. To.

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