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Browse Our Great Selection of Books & Get Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Factories of the Future Find Growth and Sustainability Through Digitalization Fifteen new manufacturing sites join the World Economic Forum's Global Lighthouse Network as leaders in applying Fourth... A new report reveals how these leading manufacturers use digital capabilities to find new revenue. Now with 44 factories, the network, established in 2018, serves as a platform to develop, replicate and scale up innovations, creating opportunities for cross-company learning and collaboration and for setting new benchmarks for the global manufacturing community. The goal of this community is to share and learn from best practices, support new partnerships and help other manufacturers deploy technology, adopt sustainable practices and transform their workforces. A new white pape Factories of the Future Find Growth and Sustainability Through Digitalization. The World Economic Forum announced today the addition of 15 new sites to its Global Lighthouse Network, a community of world-leading manufacturers using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to enable bottom-line growth

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In the factory of the future, information and commu- nication technology (ICT) and automation technology are fully integrated. All subsystems - including non-producing ones such as R&D as well as sales partners, suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and customers - are networked and consolidated into one system A factory in the future needs to meet sustainability socially, environmentally and economically. More specifically, the factory of the future (FoF) has to deal with areas like sustainability, flexibility, information security, real time learning, zero defect manufacturing, aging work force, knowledge base for utilizing enabling and new technologies 2.4 Sustainable factory profile: a concept to support the design of future sustainable industries . U. Dombrowski 1, C. Riechel 1. 1 Institute for Advanced Industrial Management, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany . Abstract . The German industry caused more than a quarter (27.8%) of the total energy consumption The factory of the future asserts its values against the background of sustainability. It is now committed to being less polluting, less demanding of raw materials, more frugal in its energy usage and less wasteful. The effort is absolutely worth it, because better resource and energy management are often accompanied by efficiency and substantial savings. Environmental protection also.

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  1. Inspired to build sustainability into their innovation process, one of the aims of this report is to provide other businesses seeking to be more proactive in protecting the world around them with a framework for starting their own sustainability journeys, as well as leaving businesses optimistic about the future and empowering them to make meaningful, lasting change. There is a clear motivation within Unily to build a business where sustainability is front and centre
  2. Factory of the future: Coca-Cola sustainable manufacturing vision. Our mission is to provide and share B2B knowledge enabling people to succeed in business. We accomplish this by providing high-value information and research, robust online and print journalism, innovative exhibitions and conferences, and revered awards. william-reed.com
  3. Factory Planning: Support for the Factory of the Future Adding value with Industry 4.0 is an issue that involves optimizing many areas, such as logistics and production. However, the decisive factor is a modern factory where all of these areas come together efficiently
  4. to integrate sustainability in the strategic direction of production. In addition, known actors like lean and digital approaches should not be neglected. be balanced in respect to economical efficiency, On the contrary, both enable and support the idea of a sustainable factory. Green, lean and digital empower our factories for the future
  5. The future of the sustainable workplace offers a 360-degree perspective of the trends and forces influencing the transition towards sustainability in the workplace. There are key insights that will prove particularly relevant to business leaders and managers across all departments from business operations to human resources
  6. Keywords: Sustainable development; Factory; Industry 4.0 1. Introduction The industrial value creation in the early industrialized countries is currently shaped by the development towards the fourth stage of industrialization, the so-called Industry 4.0. This development follows the third industrial revolution which started in the early 1970s and was based on electronics and information.
  7. 'Factories of the Future' PPP • Funded under FP-7 • 59 projects up and running • € 250M of EU in 2010/11 • Success rate of up to 20% • Time-to-contract 1st call: 8.5 months • Industry participation: 50-60% • Additional € 400M in 2012/13 After 2013? • FP-7 will be replaced by Horizon 2020 • PPP will continue unde

Siemens Congleton - Creating a Sustainable Factory of the Future This event has now finished. Date and time: Wednesday 27 January 2021, 4pm to 5pm; Location: Zoom (online) Admission: Free admission, booking required; Event details. Why does a global industrial superpower have a factory located in the heart of Cheshire in the UK? Learn how we at Siemens, Congleton have achieved a step. Sustainable Factories of the Future reflect on it. 2.1. Human-centric production systems and its historical perspective The opening paper by Rauch et al., titled Anthropocentric Perspective of Production before and within Industry 4.0, addresses the past, present, and future of human-centred design approach(es) for socially sustainable (cyber-physical) production systems with special em.

Helping manufacturers unlock the power of 5G and industrial digitalisation to be smart, productive and sustainable. The 5G Factory of the Future programme is an open-access industrial 5G testbed being developed by a consortium of industrial and academic leaders to encourage adoption of 5G technologies in manufacturing Provides a comprehensive overview on eco-factories of the future. Presents cutting-edge solutions from academia and industry towards sustainable manufacturing. Covers a broad range of topics including energy management and life cycle evaluation. Weitere Vorteile. Dieses Buch kaufen

THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY. FROM SYSTEM SHOCK TO SYSTEM CHANGE - TIME TO TRANSFORM 2 Forum for the Future is a leading international sustainability non-profit with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Mumbai. We specialise in addressing critical global challenges by catalysing change in key systems. For over 20 years, we've been working in partnership with business, governments and. Thus, the socially sustainable factory of the (near) future is called to become a knowledge sharing and adaptive learning environment that supports personalized competence development and learning while human operators are working for the success of the business and its production objectives (Kaasinen et al., 2019). The paper by Flecther et al., titled Adaptive Automation Assembly. SHANGHAI—The $150 million factory of the future that the Swiss innovator ABB announced nearly a year ago is becoming reality in this enormous city's Pudong New Area. We just took the first shovels and dug a hole here for a new factory, Michael Larsson, group VP and global head of automotive manufacturing solutions for ABB Robotics, said today at Dassault Systèmes.

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  1. FabrikZ at the »Young Research Class«: Sustainable concepts for the factory of the future February 19, 2020 As part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's »Young Research Class« funding program, Martin Schreiber, a doctoral student at the Fraunhofer IGCV in Augsburg, is researching new sustainable concepts for the cell-inspired factory of the future
  2. Sustainable The factory of the future is powered (almost) entirely by renewable energy, specifically solar energy. Electrification will create new and potentially disruptive business models because electrical drive systems enable the redesign of industrial processes. Furthermore, circularity plays a crucial role: horizontal circularity, such as waste from end-products as raw materials for new.
  3. g reality in this enormous city's Pudong New Area. We just took the first shovels and dug a hole here for a new factory, Michael Larsson, group.
  4. Factories of Future Find Growth and Sustainability Through Digitalization. Fifteen new manufacturing sites join the World Economic Forum's Global Lighthouse Network as leaders in applying Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to achieve profitable growth without increasing their environmental footprint ; A new report reveals how these leading manufacturers use digital capabilities to.
  5. factory of the future, a central computer organises the intelligent network-ing of these subsystems into cyber-physical systems (CPS). The systems are able to work with increasing independence. Through human-machine inter-faces, the physical and the virtual worlds nevertheless work closely together

The factory of the future combines technologies including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, cloud, edge and augmented reality. These technologies are coming together to drive creative disruption and expansion of traditional business models, says Muthuraman 'Ram' Ramasamy, industry director, Automation and IIoT at business consultant Frost & Sullivan. Huge volumes. The solution lies in digitizing the oil and gas industry to prepare for the future of work and sustainability. The duration of COVID-19's impact on the industry is unknown, so devising a plan to. The Factory of Tomorrow subprogram is firmly embedded in international networks. This permits to present successful Austrian research at an international level and enables Austrian enterprises and R&D institutions to get a foothold in European consortiums. One example of an early successful international program cooperation consisted in the ERA-Net project entitled SUSPRISE (SUStainable. At a roundtable event recently held at Coca-Cola Enterprises' (CCE) Milton Keynes factory, a host of colleagues, supply chain partners and leading academics came together to discuss the future of sustainable manufacturing, within the world of food and drink, the broader FMCG sector and beyond

Automated Factories and Production are Driving Sustainable Practices. When 3D printing was in its early days, the few Materialise employees would hit start on processing a CAD file and then pick up their ping pong paddles and settle in for a nice long ping pong tournament. Hours later, the CAD file would be converted into an STL, and they could. The F³ Factory project's vision for the chemicals plant of the future focused on reconciling the seemingly conflicting requirements of flexibility and resource efficiency. It translated into the development of a standardised, modular type of plant designed for easy deployment throughout the industry - a 'plug-and-play', container-based production facility The cheese factory of the future, developed by Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten - in collaboration with Tetrapak and Bosgraaf - substantially reduces the CO2 footprint, while providing exciting new possibilities for tailor-made production. In this globally-unique, ultramodern factory, robots carry out the majority of the cheese manufacturing, controlled via automated systems that are totally. Sustainable business model: integrating sustainability in organisational structure, processes, KPIs and incentive schemes. Sustainable process transformation: transforming processes along the value chain to become more sustainable, for example sustainable research & development and manufacture. E-mobility solutions: implementing e-mobility solutions ranging from strategy formulation and. Corpus ID: 59144684. Sustainable factory profile : a concept to support the design of future sustainable industries @inproceedings{Dombrowski2015SustainableFP, title={Sustainable factory profile : a concept to support the design of future sustainable industries}, author={U. Dombrowski}, year={2015}

To affect factory planning decisions for a better planned and sustainable factory. The details of sustainability, factory planning steps, elements of a factory, and interfaces between factory elements are described in each sub chapter. 2. Method and limitation. To build such a model the relationships between factory planning activities, physical factory elements with their interfaces and. Sustainable Innovations. May 6, 2021 The head of the Solar Factory of the Future, Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, explains how printed photovoltaics is produced, why it offers unique advantages for building integration and how it will turn urban areas into hot spots of renewable energy production

The factory of the future is also one where no waste from our operations is sent to landfill. Our Zero Landfill program, was further expanded in 2017. Five factories were chosen to pilot the Zero Landfill program in 2017 - Siewierz (Poland), Solaro (Italy), Kinston (US), Sao Carlos (Brazil) and Adelaide (Australia). The program aims to drastically cut the amount of waste generated and find. At the same time, consciousness is growing of issues surrounding the environmental sustainability of the fashion industry, particularly levels of waste. Future Fashion Factory is an industry-led collaborative research programme linking the textile design and manufacturing centres within the Leeds City Region with the creative design and retail centre of London. It brings together expertise. The four global forces breaking all the trends. Simultaneously, sustainability has moved up the agenda for retail players. Again, COVID-19 accelerated this trend, with two-thirds of UK and German consumers saying it has now become even more important to them to limit the impact of climate change. Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever, emphasized that. The Future of Fashion Is Sustainable. by Adwoa Afful, Rosa Boshier, Mallika Khanna, Rachel Charlene Lewis, Carmen Rios, Marina Watanabe, and Andi Zeisler. Published on September 17, 2020. Tsiann Alexa, left, and Monica Sorelle in Saturated in the Everglades (Photo credit: Helen Peña for Chromat Spring 2019 Saturation collection The factories of the future need to deal with competitive pressures and incorporate new technologies, applications and services. Energy sustainability will also be essential, reducing resource consumption and waste generation to make the sector ready for the low-carbon economy. Supporting EU research and innovation. The EU's research & innovation (R&I) programmes have steadily supported.

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  1. L'Oréal for the Future As we launch the new phase of our sustainability journey, we want to build on our accomplishments but also strive to make significant leaps forward. We will take on greater responsibility, engage our entire ecosystem and demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution to the challenges the world is facing. This is necessary because we need to prepare ourselves.
  2. imizes their environmental impacts while conserving natural resources and energy
  3. Socially sustainable manufacturing for the Factories of the Future Project Grant agreement NMP2-SA-2013-608734 Project name SO SMART Start date 01.09.2013 Consortium Participant no. Participant organisation name Short name Country 1 (Coordinator) Chalmers University of Technology CHALMERS SE 2 FESTO FESTO DE 3 Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation LMS GR 4 Fondazione Politecnico.
  4. Sustainability is impossible to be imposed by higher authorities; this requires framework conditions which make economic, ecological and social goals a common concern. TowerBrook, the owner of our Company, supports and encourages us along this path. AustroCel Hallein trains their junior staff in four different occupations requiring formal training, offers young managers professional and.
  5. ded individuals who want to come together around the topic of.

At the BMW factory in Landshut, over 500 logistics and production vehicles as well as the transport system operate using electricity: everything from the tow trucks and sweepers to forklifts and electrified trucks. The greenest electric vehicle in the world will be a BMW - and the boldest company will be the BMW Group. Oliver Zipse. Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. Sustainable. Sustainability Report. Indicators Useful information. Quality, Environment, Factory. Given the nature of its business, Bondalti assumes with great responsibility the commitment to its processes and products' quality and environmental protection. Also keeping in mind the safety of our employees, as well as of our customers and suppliers. As a result of the issuance of the new Environmental. The Smart Sustainable Factory - The Innocent Drinks story. Ahead of The Manufacturer's Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium, which takes place on 17 June, we caught up with Christopher Fielden, Group Supply Chain Director at Innocent Drinks, to find out how the company has gone the extra mile to future proof the business for the Net Zero age. One of the essences of sustainable green supply chain management is to streamline business operations, such as better use of sustainable materials, ensuring a safe working environment, lean production, and quality management, etc. These approaches would result in cutting down unnecessary operational costs. By reducing costs, it also means increasing your ROI and revenue. In the long run, it. Objective . The objectives of the Socially sustainable manufacturing for the Factories of the Future - SO SMART are to: • Develop a socially sustainable ecosystem assessment framework, including guidelines to describe scenarios and a set of indicators needed in order to evaluate them, under the perspectives of economic and social sustainability

'Factory Of The Future' Opens On Chicago's South Side. By Joseph Erbentraut. This week Chicago's historic Pullman district saw its first new factory open in more than 30 years. But the 150,000-square-foot plant, where San Francisco-based Method Products will manufacture all of its popular nontoxic cleaning products, looks nothing like the steel mill that previously sat in the heart of the. Humans: powering the heart of sustainable, digital factories of the future What is the role of the worker as manufacturing becomes increasingly digital? Read the article Transform the way we work, produce and deliver. In the Age of Experience, manufacturing has expanded from between four walls into a global value network. Digitalization and automation allow businesses to mirror their. Bosch improves quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is Invented for life.. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiary and regional companies in some 60 countries

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Sustainable fashion supply chain structurally must include eco-friendly material sourcing, safe factory work conditions, sustainable manufacturing practices and distribution, green retail practices, and ethical consumer decision making. Organizations that qualify as B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. B Corp Certification is the only certification.

Innovation and sustainability key when Volvo CE invests for the future in Eskilstuna. Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced 16 MSEK of investments at its Eskilstuna site in Sweden, including an arena for customer demonstrations of electric and autonomous machines, a new R&D test track and an energy recovery system for the factory For Audi, sustainability is synonymous with future viability - and the company is making a targeted contribution to solving global challenges. The background and details of our strategy: Read more. The vision: carbon neutrality as part of Audi DNA. Audi looks at the entire life cycle of its models, starting from supply chain and production, through utilization, right up to recycling. Audi is. The Sustainability Factory. 397 likes · 7 talking about this. La Digestione Anaerobica dello Scarto Organico Costituisce il Fulcro della Sostenibilità dell' Economia Circolare

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However, perhaps the most exciting element of the digitalisation of the factories is in its potential for future applications. We have achieved a solution that can be deployed across our laundry powder towers, as well as scaled across similar technology across the business, says Sarah. We have run virtual trials and even commissioned a new formulation remotely with UK colleagues. Great Prices On Sustainability. Find It On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Sustainability On eBay However, as the symbiosis of man and machine in the factory of the future develops, it has become clear that the universal adoption of digital technology will ultimately produce more jobs for.

The factory of the future is also one where no waste from our operations is sent to landfill. Our Zero Landfill program, was further expanded in 2017. Five factories were chosen to pilot the Zero Landfill program in 2017 - Siewierz (Poland), Solaro (Italy), Kinston (US), Sao Carlos (Brazil) and Adelaide (Australia). The program aims to drastically cut the amount of waste generated and find. What You Need to Know About Smart Factories, Sustainability, and More. From flexible packaging economics to smart factories of the future, packaging engineers will gain critical insights during Virtual Engineering Week, November 30 - December 4. Here's a snapshot of can't-miss packaging-related sessions. Bob Sperber | Nov 02, 2020 Striving to create the future of luxury, sustainability is represented across every level of governance from the Board of Directors to the managers of the Houses. More recently, it launched the Regenerative Fund for Nature, which will transform one million hectares of farms producing raw materials in fashion supply chains to regenerative agriculture over the next five years. Kering's. Lean Production for a Sustainable Future . In the past decades, Lean production has become the most widespread production paradigm applied in industry, while being one of the most popular subjects in business and manufacturing literature. Several industrial organisations worldwide have put into practice both Lean principles and practices to accomplish important transformations towards.

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  1. The event gathered sustainability pioneers from the design, architecture and food industries to discuss how they are working to build a greener future. To underpin its long-standing commitment to.
  2. And where sustainable success can be demonstrated, regulation is likely to fall hard upon companies that continue to cause environmental harm. Fashion isn't going anywhere. Millennia of human history tell us that as we move towards a sustainable, low carbon future, people are still going to be dressing to impress. But if we are going to reach.
  3. The future of food packaging seems to be leaning towards sustainability. This shift comes after years of growing influences from a variety of sources. But to fully understand where the industry is going, it helps to know how it got here. Trends in food packaging tend to come from changing needs
  4. Computational models of cell factories for a sustainable future Horizon 2020 Industrial Biotechnology project CHASSY demonstrates the use of digital tools in making microbial cell factories a more viable option for the bioeconomy. Genome-scale metabolic models (GEMs) are an established tool for systematic analyses of metabolism for a wide variety of organisms. As part of the Horizon 2020.

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1. Sustainable Cook Making the job of cooks environmentally sustainable could be a great idea to bring together two aspects which are increasingly in the spotlight. Cooking, thanks to TV show featuring star chefs, has become very popular and the challenge of sustainability could give people who choose this career the definitive push to emerge Industry Insiders Weigh-In On The Future of Sustainable Fashion In 2021. Ask An Expert Industry Insight. Dec 29. Written By The Sustainable Fashion Forum. As we put 2020 behind us and look towards the new year, what will the sustainability conversation look like? Industry insiders weigh in. 2020 was a turbulent year for sustainable fashion. Before the coronavirus pandemic, sustainability was.

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Environmental and sustainability professional, Dr Leyla Acaroglu, and next generation employee experience platform and intranet provider, Unily, have launched the Future of Workplace Sustainability Report, which explores how sustainability, climate change and COVID-19 are shaping the future of the workplace. We are living in a time of great and immediate change, and COVID-19 and climate change. In 2014, the shopping behemoth launched the Resource Efficiency Deployment Engine (RedE) in its Chinese supply chain. This proprietary online tool identifies improvements within the factories to reduce their carbon footprint and helps build targeted efficiency projects to address these sustainability goals, including its shipping materials, packaging, and density guidelines

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Future Fashion Factory is looking to develop new groundbreaking manufacturing technologies that will shape the global industry and create jobs and sustainability in the UK, says Professor Chris Carr, Head of the School of Design at the University of Leeds Head of Future of Production System Initiative, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Omar Abbosh Chief Strategy Officer, Accenture Preface. 4 Driving the Sustainability of Production Systems with Fourth Industrial Revolution Innovation A world of opportunities is emerging and the future of production may as well be today. Decades ago, science alerted us to the.

Why factory farming is no longer sustainable. Factory farming should raise a red flag for any mainstream investor. More than any other group, investors have the influence and motivation to instigate reform . Overuse of antibiotics has allowed animals to be kept in more and more cramped conditions, but the so-called efficiency gains are often cancelled out by dangers such as drug-resistant. The future of mobility. No topic is as controversial in Germany and at the same time as popular as that of mobility. For many it is bitter necessity, for others great pleasure. However, because emissions continue to rise in the transport sector, the industry is under pressure. The fears of change are great, but future-proof mobility brings more. The opportunity to have a great future with us. News & Events. Catch up with the latest of SEAT. History. A journey of more than 60 years. Annual Report. 2020 reasons to belive. Integrity & Compliance. Code of Conduct . Whistleblower Channels Quality Policy What is WLTP? A sustainable factory. Back to News & Events 06.06.2019. The fight against climate change is a global movement with.

I asked McKinsey's leading sustainability experts for their thoughts. 1. Public electric transport. It's not only individual vehicle owners who have better access to electric vehicles (EVs) than ever before—there are 160 electric and hybrid vehicle models available today—but municipalities are taking notice as well This means that sustainable approaches need to consider the fundamental interplays between actions that affect the environment, society, and the economy. If we only achieve two out of the three pillars of sustainability, we end up with: Social + Economic Sustainability = Equitable. Social + Environmental Sustainability = Bearable

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The concept of sustainability is one that has been around for as long as humans have: a concern for the future of our resources. Food and water have to come from somewhere, and even the earliest cultures would have had to be thinking about what to do in the lean times, and what would happen if the animals or plants they depended upon were to disappear. The word itself, however, has more recent. Factories of the Future invest in digitization, in smart processes and products and in world-class production, but they also deal with energy and materials in a well-considered way and pay attention to the involvement, creativity and autonomy of their employees. This award is an acknowledgement for the passion of our people, says Koen Devolder, Site General Manager of BMT Aerospace. Sustainability is going to be table stakes for consumers when it comes to brands, both current and future consumers, and I don't mean greenwashing, but real sustainability, she explains The circular economy has become the new future of the global fashion industry and therefore a shift to it is a major key to the sustainability of the industry. A proper chemical management system as well as a guideline, responsible waste generation, water resource management, climate actions, green initiatives, sustainable business and responsible industrial practices are all prerequisites in.

Each year, the Future Fabrics Expo features 5,000 commercially available fabrics that are sustainable.There are so many options now that it's mind-blowing. We have figured out how to make fabrics out of everything from mushrooms to orange peels.. See! We told you human beings are creative and innovative The RIBA Sustainable Futures Group, for example, is reintroducing these principles into their coursework and giving awards to designs that are both sustainable and humane. Preferred characteristics include no fixed desks, mobile technology, working in a setting that suits the mood and activity, sticky spaces for deep collaboration, blurring inside and outside, contact with wind, sun and.

The Tea Industry: A Model for a Sustainable Future. Eileen Weber. November 20, 2017. 0. First discovered 5,000 years ago in China, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, besides water, and more than half of Americans drink tea on a daily basis, according to the Tea Association of the USA. Drinking tea lends numerous health benefits. future, countries have launched programmes to support the deployment of these technologies to their domestic manufacturers. Notable examples include the Made in China 2025 programme, with more than $3 billion in advanced manufacturing investments, and the European Union (EU) €7 billion Factories of the Future initiative. An agenda for actio

The maritime industry facing a fundamental shift and shaping the future of sustainable energies. The Head of Green Ship of the Future, Frederik Schur Riis joined us to share his views on the decarbonization of the industry. Green Ship of the Future was established in 2008 and gathers 60 members. The members are from all the shipping industry going from ship owners to suppliers of mechanics to. At the end of 2012, a fire at a clothing factory in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka killed around 112 workers. Just five months later, again in Dhaka, the Rana Plaza disaster saw 1,134 workers. Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium 2021 brings together sustainability-minded manufacturers and leading solution providers to ensure a bright future for British industry for generations to come. Click here to find out more

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