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Free Online Tools to help you manage your business. Lookup anything. Free Email Delivery Report, Free Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring Find Your Favorite Movies & Shows On Demand. Your Personal Streaming Guid How to Remove Your Email Address From the Spam List Step 1. Determine whether the company that sent you the spam email is legitimate or questionable. You can recognize the... Step 2. Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the spam message if it was sent by a reputable company. This may... Step. How to Get Off an Email Blacklist. One of the main reasons for IPs to end up on a blacklist is the high rate of spam complaints from users. Should you discover that you're on a list, you'll want to contact the company immediately. All of these DNSBL websites listed above have detailed instructions on how to be removed from the blacklist. Being proactive always helps - so show the ISPs that you are trying your best to remedy your delivery challenges 9. Offer your best discounts in the welcome emails. This strategy guaranteed that many customer's would fish the email out of spam because we would advertise large discounts for giving us their email and then require them to get the code from the welcome email we would send. Then in the welcome email we made a big deal about taking us out of spam

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  1. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3150). You can also refer your provider to http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors. [AM5EUR03FT022.eop-EUR03.prod.protection.outlook.com]> #SMTP#
  2. g in, at all. Never had this issue until the last month. Details. Managing Settings and Mail, Chrome, Desktop - Other. Upvote (1248) Subscribe Unsubscribe. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Last edited 4/28/19 . Recommended Answer Recommended Answers (0) Relevant Answer Relevant.
  3. Best answer: I don't know, but you can get a similar effect from using a filter on your email for the word unsubscribe in the body of the email (since all of these sorts of emails have to contain that) and Democrat anywhere in the email. You can send any email that fits that profile to a separate folder and just never look in the folder
  4. g his email that he will soon route through a decent spam filter does nothing except help the spam filter get stronger. If you know who he is then there are people like the police to turn to
  5. The cleanest way to get off a list is to use the built-in unsubscribe option. That link is generally buried at the bottom of the message, in tiny type or made to not even look like a link, all the..
  6. DMA doesn't have lists or give email addresses to any marketing company except to remove the email addresses of consumers who want less mail. DMA cannot take your name off XYZ Company's list -- only that company can. Ask the XYZ Company to place your name on the company's in-house suppress file so that it will not send any further email to you. Some unscrupulous companies have also illegally.
  7. How to Block Spam Emails. Getting lots of unwanted spam emails is extremely frustrating. To block many of these messages, register online for DMA's eMail Preference Service (eMPS). Your registration will get you off email spam lists and reduce the overall number of messages you receive. By registering with eMPS, you'll remove your email from United States-based lists. All DMA members who send unsolicited commercial emails have to purge their email lists of the individuals who've registered.

Mail, add a sender to your contacts and its emails won't get sent to spam in the future. Advertisement. To do so, open an email from that sender, mouse over the sender's email address at the top of the email, and click Add to contacts. Enter whatever information you want for the contact and click Save. For services and email clients not mentioned here, you can almost always. An RBL or Real-time Blackhole List is a listing maintained by a 3rd party company of IP addresses and domain names that have been reported as spam sources. This doesn't mean that you are sending spam, it means that your server was reported as a spam source. Legitimate mail senders can still get listed if they do not have the correct records set up or have an exploited website or server sending. High Spam complaint rates; Poor email list hygiene; Bad content (certain words or phrases that express spam-like content) How do I get off a blacklist? Being listed on a smaller list is not that much of a concern as for the most part, it won't impact your ability to communicate with your customers too much. However, if you land onto one of the bigger lists, used by ISPs to filter spam, it.

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Spamcop: The SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL) lists IP addresses that had mail reported as spam by SpamCop users. Spamhaus: The Spamhaus Project maintains a number of DNSBLs as part of their effort to identify and track spam sources, and provide anti-spam protection. SURBL: Unlike most lists, SURBLs are not lists of message senders. SURBLs are lists of websites that have appeared in unsolicited messages Mind you, we don't get much spam these days - Office 365 is already quite good at filtering things into Junk Email and then we have Messagelabs as well. Ultimately you pay for a service that should remove the work of filtering spam from your plate - so if the solution you've got in place doesn't work, you should probably look for another solution Bottom line: Once an email address lands on a mailing list, it will never, ever be junk mail and spam free again. That's just a sad fact of Internet life. That's just a sad fact of Internet life. The only way to have a spam and junkmail-free email account is to create a brand new one and use it ONLY for conversing with trusted friends, family and acquaintances The more open and direct you are with a listing database, the simpler it may be to have your IP address taken off the blacklist. Keep this in mind: Their priority is to reduce the spam on their email platform for their customers—their goal isn't to prevent you from sending emails. Spam is a serious problem

Any system that wants money in exchange for 'removing' your address from spammers' lists, is a scam, you should report it to your State Attorney General's office. No legitimate marketing firm will ever operate a Remove List or use a 3rd party Remove List, because no legitimate marketing firm sends Unsolicited Bulk Email in the first place Click the box to the left of a spam email. Doing so will select it. You can do this for all spam emails in your inbox. Click the box icon above the top email on the left side of the page to select all emails in your inbox

We recommend enrolling in our Junk Email Reporting Program (JMRP), a free program intended to help senders remove unwanted recipients from their email list. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your Email/Internet Service Provider for help. 550 DY-001: Mail rejected by Outlook.com for policy reasons. We generally do not accept email from dynamic IP's as they are not typically used to deliver unauthenticated SMTP email to an Internet mail server. If you are not an. As with all of our articles on email blacklist management - we assume you are being a responsible email netizen and not sending spam. And we also assume you're probably an Email administrator or IT dude (or 'dudette'?). If you're an individual and you're having email delivery issues, you'll probably need the help of your IT team to get access to some of the information here or. With email spam, the longtime rule has been not to click the unsubscribe button because that can merely tell unscrupulous spammers that your email account is live, and typically results in getting more. That advice remains true for most spam — especially obviously bogus messages such as unsolicited offers for low-cost drugs and loans, free merchandise or lottery winnings, misspelling-riddled.

Bad addresses or lists: When an ISP receives several cases of bounced email addresses, it believes that there are some issues with your email list. Some of the blacklist companies, such as Spamhaus, can find spammers with some spamtrap addresses. Spam addresses are email addresses that nobody is using. Still, these email addresses are available to the public and people are using them for. How to remove my email from spam-lists/blacklists after malware issue? Ask Question Asked 4 years, 8 months ago. Active 4 years, 8 months ago. Viewed 7k times 1. I am not sure this is the proper place to ask this question, but I am sure someone will be able to help me :) I have a Mac, which I use for daily working (emails, etc.). Recently, I received some weird return emails with strange.

Mailing lists, also called junk mail, are a very profitable and cost-effective way for businesses to advertise and generate revenue. Making the sale with a mailing list is one of the most common forms of advertising. Generally, to successfully get off mailing lists, you'll need to follow a few steps Setup your email server to swallow all. I did this and after a few years I got around one million spam mails per day. I guess that if the emails never bounce they will keep sending new stuff to you. It's like saying yes, yes, yes to a sales person, they will just keep adding more stuff :P. ChuckMcM on May 30, 2015. I would say this is a good one. You can 'seed' it by signing up a bunch of. In an email exchange with support a couple of weeks ago, the rep was sympathetic and gave me some links to info that might help me get delisted, but basically he told me this is why DO does not recommend running email servers from their droplets. Does that mean DO has no control over spam activity coming from their own droplets? Does it mean DO can't remediate how their IP ranges are. 7 Best Way to Get Rid of Spam Emails 1. Report Spam. When you receive an unwanted email or if you feel like this is a spam email, don't just delete it. 2. Avoid providing mail id to all places. Providing mail id to the unknown sources is one of the main reason that... 3. Never Click on links in a. What to do if you are on a blacklist and how to get off one. Conclusion. What is an email blacklist and its effect on inboxing . Every day, there are tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of spam emails sent per DAY. With the number of spam emails sent dwarfing the number of legitimate emails that are sent it's no wonder Internet Service Providers (ISP) and other organisation work so.

In many cases, you won't see many spam messages if your email service has an anti-spam filter. Sometimes, they do slip through the filter, though. Laws That Govern Email Subscriptions. If you've agreed to receive an email newsletter but have now changed your mind, it's easy to get the company to stop sending you email messages. In many. Using one or more blacklists for filtering incoming emails can eliminate up to 99 % of spam. However, no blacklisting system is perfect and hence from time to time it might happen that a good address is blacklisted too. And there are more scenarios in which it makes sense to allow blacklisted addresses to be removed from the list. For example, a server hosting company might have a poor client.

Getting off mailing lists. To receive less commercial advertising mail, you can register for The DMA's Mail Preference Service (MPS), which allows you to opt out of national mailing lists. Find out more about MPS. Please note, The DMA does not provide marketers with consumer mailing lists or do consumer mailings. Rather, the Mail Preference Service is available to companies for the sole. The blacklist check will test a mail server IP address against over 100 DNS based email blacklists. (Commonly called Realtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL). If your mail server has been blacklisted, some email you send may not be delivered. Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam. If you don't know your mail server's address, start with a. Managing an email list seems easy at first glance, but if you're not careful, then there are some things that can really catch you off guard. Unfortunately, there are many traps that businesses who are new to the email marketing game can fall into, and one of the largest is the dreaded spam trap. Here's how to remove spam traps and keep your email list safe

While the Junk Email Filter checks your incoming messages automatically, the Junk Email Filter Lists give you more control over what is considered spam. You can add names, email addresses and domains to these lists so the Filter allows for messages from sources that you trust, or blocks messages that arrive from specific email addresses and domains that you don't know or trust The Data and Marketing Association created DMAChoice.org to help consumers get off direct mailing lists they no longer want to be on. Using DMA Choice, you can cut back on the service offers that you receive selectively or you can choose to opt out of everything. They'll also be able to help you opt out of catalogs as well. To get started, register at DMAChoice.org and pay a $2 registration.

Representatives of telemarketing companies can also get information on compliance issues on the website. Stop Unwanted Mail . You can take several actions to stop the delivery of unwanted mail in your mailbox. Tell companies you do business with to remove your name from customer lists they rent or sell to other companies. Find out how to opt-out of marketing lists on sales materials, order. 41Pounds.org costs $41 for a 5 year membership, and guarantees to effectively get you off mailing lists. They'll also donate $15 to a non-profit organization of your choice. Opt for electronic. To get rid of college email spam, you just need to follow these simple steps: Log into your DoNotPay account from any web browser; Select the Spam Collector option; Type your email address to connect it with DoNotPay; Next time you receive a spam email, you need to forward it to spam@donotpay.com That's all there is to it. DoNotPay will unsubscribe you from unwanted mailing lists. This won't take you off the spammer's mailing list. Instead, it confirms that your e-mail address is valid, exposing you to more spam. It's best not to click on any link in a spam message, or open any attachment. Doing this can expose your computer to malware. If you even remotely suspect that a message might be spam, don't click. Protect Your E-Mail Address. Spammers can get your e. Email service providers (ESPs) have a list of spam trigger words. To be safe, avoid using any of the words or phrases listed above-especially in your subject line. In 2017, these were five of the most targeted spam words. Winner = LOSER 100% Free = 100% free from your client's inbox; Earn $ = Earn a trip to the blacklist; Order Status = Status—Undelivered; Work from home.

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AT&T SMS/Text Spam List - How to be removed from it? Recently one of our business lines that we use for SMS communications to our client and customers has been added to the AT&T SMS Spam list. Currently none of our clients using AT&T can receive our text updates. We discovered this after pursuing the issue with our phone vendor, Ring Central To request removal from the Vade Threat List, visit abuse.vadesecure.com and fill out the form. It's unclear to me whether or not this VTL list works in a manner similar to the filters Vade Secure has in place at Orange, SFR, and Laposte.net, as announced back in 2015. I can't find any explicit references to the VTL other than the Comcast. Just like with spam emails, some people send spam text messages and won't stop even if you ask nicely. Advertisement. If someone keeps texting you anyway and provides no way to unsubscribe, you can always block text messages from a specific number on iPhone or Android. If you receive spammy text messages from multiple numbers. you can block spammy text messages on an iPhone or on an Android. You need to delete some of the unclean emails on the list to get it unflagged. MailChimp doesn't care how many emails you delete as long as you pass their algorithm. Yet, you certainly care. Accuracy is paramount. Deleting valid emails is deleting leads. Deleting leads is deleting sales. You don't want false positives. So, if you do this manually, it's important you're very careful.

It lets you take your IP address off the blacklist without much trouble. But your IP address gets listed again, it won't be easy to get it removed the next time. - Time-Based Removal. It is a built-in, automatic process that removes lower-level listings (IP addresses that are light offenders) within a week or two. But if the IP address had sent spam more than once or did a high volume, the. This will get you off the list, if you live in the U.S. or Canada. Expect it to take 6-8 weeks to stop receiving catalogs from a company, after you make your unsubscribe request. Also Know, how do I get RedPlum coupons in the mail? You can get the Red Plum insert in the mail!! Go HERE and fill out the contact form to get added to their mailing. Gmail Spam Filter: When It Is Not Enough to Stop Spam . Gmail spam filter is a mostly invisible part of the popular free email service developed by Google, but it plays a much more important role than most people realize. However, there are cases when it is not enough to stop spam, which is where third-party email organization tools such as Clean Email come in If you get sketchy-looking email and there doesn't appear to be a way to opt out, don't reply! Unscrupulous companies and people don't play by the same email marketing rules that most businesses do. Replying will just make them email you more. Use your email service's Report spam function to remove future emails from the sender

Can I Get Off Spam Mailing Lists? There are two types of commercial email that you will receive: commercial email from legitimate businesses, and commercial email from true spammers. Occasionally a legitimate business will be tricked into purchasing an email list from an unscrupulous person, and may send you an advertisement that you do not want Optimum Online Block List Policy. Spam is an annoyance to customers, and if unchecked, degrades users' Internet experience. To reduce the amount of incoming junk e-mail or Spam and provide customers with the best Internet experience possible, Optimum Online has introduced third-party block lists to assist in filtering e-mail sent from known Spam sources. These block lists contain the IP. If the list of email addresses is too long, use this syntax: (Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration <MailboxIdentity>).BlockedSendersAndDomains For bulk operations, specify the filter that you used to configure the safelist collection, and replace the Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration command with Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration | Format-List Identity,trusted*,contacts*,blocked*. For example.

This will erase all spam emails. Email Safe List The Email Safe List, found under Settings > Advanced Settings in Xfinity Connect, lets you list the only email addresses from which you want to receive emails. Note: If you use this feature, you will only receive messages from the addresses you specify. Messages from other addresses not included on the list will be rejected. Set Up Email Filters. Change Spam Filter Preferences. In Xfinity Connect, click the Gear icon on the top-right of the navigation bar, then click Settings. From the menu on the left, click on Advanced Settings. Click the Automatically move spam and potentially harmful messages to the Spam folder option. Note: Enabling Spam filtering will move emails designated as. For some spam in your spam folder or inbox, we will show helpful messages to let you know why we put the mails there and allow you to take corrective action. Mark as spam. Once you've marked an email as spam, all future messages from that sender in your contact list will go directly to your spam folder. 1. Go to AOL Mail 2. Select the spam. Surprisingly, the Do Not Call List is another reason the 2.9 billion spam calls Americans receive each month are persisting. Many believe that after receiving a suspicious call or a confirmed scam call they should register their phone number(s) on the Do Not Call List.. While this certainly will reduce the number of legal businesses from calling you, it definitely will not stop your spam call.

Stopping Emails . With so many scammers on the internet, it's difficult to determine whether a credit card offer you receive via email is legitimate. Even if you're interested in the credit card, you shouldn't apply for it by clicking the email because it could be a phishing scam to get your personal information. You can reduce credit card spam. Turn off or change emails. To turn account status emails on or off, follow these steps. Click your profile icon and choose Account. Click the Settings drop-down menu and choose Details. Scroll to the Email from Mailchimp section. Check the boxes next to emails you'd like to receive Turn off filtering — No action applies to suspected spam. It delivers to your Inbox. Move to Bulk Mail — (Recommended) Suspected spam delivers to your Bulk Mail folder. You can review it at your convenience. Mark subject with [SPAM] — Suspected spam delivers to your Inbox with [SPAM] in the subject line. Restricted mode — All mail delivers to your Bulk Mail folder, unless the sender is.

How To Stop Getting Spam Email And Mail From Comcast, Directv, Dish, TWC, And More. Published 7 years ago on Sep 25, 2014 Luke Bouma . We all know the pain after you cancel your TV service you get hundreds of emails and letters asking you to come back. Here is how you can get off their contact list for many of the major companies. The first thing you need to do is add yourself to the Do Not. When you get blocklisted, your email service provider will pinpoint the campaign that triggered it, allowing you to identify the email list in your database that has spam traps. Once you find this list, you can run a permission pass campaign, where you send a one-off reengagement email to the list's contacts who haven't interacted with your emails in a long time You will not get email for the period of the automated block. Normally 3 to 7 days. Unless some kind customer calls you, you wont know its happening and could loose business . How to get your email working again? Call Somebody Domains Names Ltd and explain what is happening. They may be helpful and remove the block - or remove the email address from their spam check. Unfortunately they may be. Tired of Receiving Junk Mail? Get Your Name off the Mailing List. Nothing is quite as irritating as being bombarded by email messages that you simply have no interest in reading, even if they aren't technically 'malicious' in nature. Fortunately, today's spam filters are better than ever - thanks in large part to the hard work of MailCleaner and spam-filtering teams. But it's worth.

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Starting yesterday, a great many of our emails started being returned to us as undeliverable. Most of them are coming back as denied by mxlogic.net with no other explanation. How do we get our domain (reachcu.coop) removed from your spam filter? Our emails are legitimate business communications, and this is crippling us. Thank you, Steve Mille Not all spam is email-based, and significant volumes continue to land on our mobile devices in the form of phone calls. If you're really unlucky, it's a nonstop barrage of missed calls, unknown callers, and premium rate call-back scams just waiting to get their teeth into your cash. Several apps exist that will block cold callers and add them to spam lists (which isn't always. SpamCop is an email spam reporting service that was founded in 1998. SpamCop created their blocking list based on user reports. They detect the IP address of the source of the suspicious activity and notify the ISP that laws are being violated. If SpamCop doesn't get an answer, they blacklist this IP address. ESPs use SpamCop's blacklist to protect their users from spam How can I cut off a site that keeps sending porn content to me. I have clicked on the unsubscribe link but it still keeps coming. Please help. Thanks for your message. You are trusting the people who are sending your email way too much if you're clicking on the unsubscribe link and expecting that you'll actually be dropped from their list. In fact, you're going to end up getting.

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Get me off Fucking Your Mail ing List Figure 1: Get me off your fucking mailing list. list. Get me off your fucking mailing list. Get me off your fucking mailing list Tap in the bottom right corner. Select Settings toward the bottom of the list. Select Notifications. Select Email notifications. Toggle to None for Digest emails and Updates from your local area. Under the Activity that involves you section, toggle the switch (es) to the left to turn off email notifications for ' Private messages', ' Replies or. You can get it for as little as $2 per user per month. They offer 24/7/365 phone support, white-listed email servers, spam filtering using the Cloudmark system, and more. Take the headache of having to stand by the phone and answer the same question over and over again, and offer your clients reliable email service

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How can I remove my telephone number from a spam list website? Don't try to do that. You would be confirming that the number is valid and active, making it more valid, giving the scammers a better price when they sell your number, and meaning that.. Liste sicherer Absender E-Mail-Adressen und Domänennamen in der Liste der sicheren Absender werden unabhängig vom Inhalt der Nachricht niemals als Junk-E-Mail behandelt. Sie können dieser Liste Ihre Kontakte hinzufügen. Allerdings werden sichere Domänen in Exchange Online oder Exchange Online Protection standardmäßig nicht erkannt. Nur blockierte Domänen, blockierte Absenderadressen. Email service providers such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft filter out billions of spam emails per day. Only a few get through, and five to 20 per day is not an unusual number Fewer Spam Complaints. Cleaning your email list also reduces the number of spam complaints. Some subscribers mark your emails as spam because they don't remember signing up, even if they actually did. The problem is that mailbox providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others log spam complaints. If there are too many, they'll start sending your emails straight to the spam folder, skipping the. Getting off commercial US Email lists. Use the registration form below to register with the national US service, eMPS. eMPS is the Email Preference Service and allows you to remove your email from United States-based lists. Find out more about eMPS. You will continue to receive email from groups or advertisers who do not use eMPS to clean their lists. Although registration with eMPS will help.

Tired of promotional emails cluttering up your inbox? This super easy, 2-minute hack will keep all unwanted spam emails out of your inbox for good. I used to get 97.6 marketing emails per day. Thanks to this trick, I have been SPAM-free for 323 days and counting, so far spared from the distraction of 21,189 bulk emails. Works for outlook, gmail. These are only five reasons to stop purchasing spam and invalid lists. Go for it! Get a multifaceted extraction software for generating free targeted email lists if you: Want to extract emails from Facebook social pages. Need to know the country of the email address - the Email Hunter is at your service. Like to restrict search results by URL or email filters - you have all required.

How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers This website offers tips, techniques, specific addresses to write, and numbers to call to get off those nasty junk mailing lists and telemarketing lists across the U.S You're sending spam. You can't blast cold emails to a list of prospects. If you do, you're not sending cold emails. You're sending spam. Click To Tweet Conclusion: Spam words and avoiding spam filters. You're not sending spam on purpose. I trust you. But a spam filter can still snatch your email before it can land in your subscriber's inbox. Here's a recap of spam words and. Email providers have built-in spam filters that automatically move most spam emails to a separate folder, cluing the less suspicious of us in on the fact that an unsolicited email just might be a scam. Still, spammers and scammers work around the clock to find new ways to work around spam filters and get emails into your inbox. But there are.

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Forward the next spam email to spam@donotpay.com; DoNotPay will unsubscribe you from the sender's email list automatically. To get your revenge on spam emails, check for the flag in the Spam Collector tab on your DoNotPay dashboard. If there is an active class action, you can get a nice amount in compensation money At the top of the page, select Settings > Mail > Accounts > Block or allow. Under Block or allow, select Automatically filter junk email. Under Safe Senders and Recipients, type the email address or domain, so that emails from the sender or domain don't get moved to your Junk folder, and then select Add . Select Save Please add me to your DO NOT MAIL list for postal mail. Also please do not rent, sell, or trade my name or address. Scam mail - anyone trying to scam you or your aging loved ones is by definition not honorable. It's unlikely they will ever honor your requests to stop. Political ballot mail - see scam mail above. JUST JOKING! But seriously, this mail goes to the heart of the 1 st. Don't buy email lists. Ever. The people on these lists are likely to mark your unsolicited emails as spam, and there's a good chance that a spamtrap is included in the list. Sending email to a spamtrap will usually land you on a blocklist. Do use double opt-in to confirm email list subscribers. This helps ensure that subscribers are signing.

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In small text, the sender may have offered the option to take yourself off the mailing list, with a link that says Unsubscribe or Change email preferences. The bottom of an email from. Less lenient lists might allow more spam to get through, but might not block non-spam messages that have been misidentified on lists that have stricter guidelines for what goes on or what is left off of it. To help facilitate this, DNS Blacklists that are intended for use by the public will usually have a specific, published policy detailing what a listing means and must adhere to the criteria. Building an email list is a crucial first step in getting to the inbox, and we have a ton of experience helping our customers do both. We've put a lot of work into developing sophisticated and intelligent systems to reduce the risks once associated with single opt-in, but we haven't talked much about it in the past. I'd like to dig into some of the ways we're protecting your lists and. How to Get Fewer Spam Emails. Use an email filter. Check your email account to see if it has a tool to filter out potential spam or to funnel spam into a junk email folder. Many popular email providers (like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo) have strong spam filters on by default. But there are some things you can do to make them work even better. For. Junk mail is a waste of time, a waste of trees and a potential identity theft risk, so let's put a stop to it. Here's how to get your name off all those direct marketers' mailing lists, so you have one less source of clutter in your life. Get Off Catalog Mailing Lists. Catalogs take up a lot of space in your mailbox and on your coffee table The IP address that you use for your outgoing mail was used to send spam to a SORBS spamtrap or administrator. There are multiple possibilities for how this could have happened: You spammed directly. Either you are a dedicated spammer, or; you operate an insecure mailing list to which the address of a SORBS spamtrap or administrator was added without their knowledge or consent. It is a shared.

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