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  3. How to load balance Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS/RDP) The load balancer is typically used to load balance multiple Connection Brokers, multiple Web Access Servers and multiple Gateway Servers. Session Hosts are normally load balanced by the Connection Brokers, although the load balancer can also be used as detailed in the deployment guide.
  4. al Services world, load balancing is really about managing the number of sessions being distributed over a number of ter
  5. RDP server load balancing is available in NetScaler software release 9.3. When you use RDP virtual server for load balancing real RDP servers, there is an issue connecting through the Remote Desktop Gateway server. Therefore, use TCP type virtual server on port 3389. But the caveat is, you do not have the RDP token based persistence or user based persistence. Therefore, users always go to different servers when they try to reconnect

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Remote Desktop Services provides a way for users to gain access to Windows applications from any location. Load Balancer for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Protocol (RDP) for Windows Terminal Services The following is the list of steps required to set up load balancing between the RD Session Host servers. Plan the installation; Setup Remote Desktop Services; Install Remote Desktop Session Host Server on a 2nd Server; Add the 2nd RD Session Host server to the Collection; Configure Load Balancing; Add DNS Entries for the RD Connection Broker Far

The main issue when load-balancing multiple Remote Desktop Services servers is to ensure a user the continuity of his session in case of a network outage. Current article will focus on session high availability for an optimal end user experience The RD Connection Broker role service also provides session re-connection and session load balancing. For example, when a user disconnects from a session and later establishes a connection, the RD Connection Broker role service ensures that the user reconnects to his or her existing session The general principle with this is that pretty much any load balancing solution will work with RDS Farms if you have an RDS Session Broker Service instance in place since the RDP client will be directed to a given RDS Session Host server (i.e. a server that can run the RDS session itself) and the Session Broker will then decide which RDS Session Host server which actually run the session

In your configuration you would not use DNS RR (or NLB, or other balancer) since you only have a single broker. The broker will balance the load based on number of active and pending connections. It does not consider RDSH RAM usage, CPU %, Disk IO, or other resource metric when making its decisions Erstelle mal eine RDP Datei mit dem Broker (bei dir also TS01.<Domäne>.<tld>) als Ziel und speichere diese ab. Öffne die Datei z.B. mit Notepad und passe folgende Einträge an bzw. füge diese hinzu: use redirection server name:i:1 loadbalanceinfo:s:tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.<RDS COLLECTION NAME> RDP Load Balancing: Provide a Smooth Remote-Access User Experience Parallels RAS Load Balancing Methods. First, we start in the Parallels RAS Console and explore the options available on... CPU Load Balancing Management. The CPU load balancer improves user session performance by providing.

Der Connection Broker ist für das Load-Balancing zwischen Session Hosts einer Sammlung zuständig. Damit man diese direkt ansprechen kann, muss man das DNS konfigurieren. Damit man diese direkt ansprechen kann, muss man das DNS konfigurieren Install Remote Desktop Connection Broker RD Connection Broker is is a role service that use it to keep a track of user session in a load-balanced RD Session Host server farm. For large enviroments it's better to install RD Connection Broker in separate Server. Click in the Server Manager Icon from the Taskbar

In regards to RD Gateway in Windows Server 2012 (R2), you can no longer use DNS Round Robin for load balancing with the new HTTP transport If you are using Azure infrastructure, you can create an external Azure load balancer; if not, you can set up a separate hardware or software load balancer. Load balancing is key so that traffic will be evenly distributed the long-lived connections from Remote Desktop clients, through the RD Gateway, to the servers that users will be running their workloads Create the RDP load balancing rule: In Settings, click Load balancing rules, and then click Add. Enter a name (for example, RDP), select TCP for the Protocol, enter 3389 for both Port and Backend port, and click OK. Add a DNS record for the Load Balancer: Connect to the RDMS server virtual machine (for example, Contoso-CB1)

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RDP, however, is not an easy protocol to load balance; sessions are long-lived and need to be persistent to a particular server, and users may connect from different source addresses during one session. The current development version of HAProxy has made an important step forward in making this possible Not my definition of load balancing... Looking for true (low cost) load balance solution that equally shares the entire load and if one box goes down it will pickup the session on another. No Citrix here, just plain jane MS terminal services thru RDP from WYSE thin clients

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Load balancing Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS/RDP

The load-balanced RD Session Host configuration is completed. Test The Load-Balanced RD Session Host. Fire up your kiosk machines and enjoy the accurate load balancing . In the main menu of the LoadMaster Web UI, select Statistics. Click the Real Servers button. Click the Virtual Services button. Last but not least, do you want to take any RD Session Host into maintenance mode? very simple. Azure Load Balancer For RDP Published by Pixel Robots. on August 12, 2017 August 12, 2017. Reading Time: 4 minutes. Share: In this article, I am going to walk through how to setup an Azure Load Balancer to allow you to connect to multiple VM's using just one public IP address. The benefits of this, are not only the small cost saving but it also gives us better security due to the default RDP. Note that this enpdoint is not load balanced. The fact that each VM has its own public port for RDP and that the endpoint is not load balanced should be enough to connect to the instances without any issues. This means: vm001.cloudapp.net:3389 > vm001:3389; vm001.cloudapp.net:62295 > vm002:339

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone is successfully using multiple GPUs on a Server 2019 Remote Desktop Session Host? I'm in the process of testing a couple of new session hosts, I'm running them bare metal with Quadro P2200 GPUs (the session hosts aren't expected to do any heavy stuff, just web browsing and documents - this is for a school so cost is a big factor). Server 2019 is supposed to. Load Balance RDS 2012 R2 - RD Gateway and RDWEB Roles configured on the same Server This post will show you how to configure both RDWEB and Gateway roles on a KEMP Load Master. Some important info before we start, Before Server 2012 , the RD Gateway used a single HTTP Channel Load Balancing sessions is an important part of the Citrix architecure. It ensures your session is placed on the best available Virtual Desktop Agent. Afterall, you don't want to end up on a VDA alongside 23 other people when there is another VDA with only 15 users logged on to it. Not only does such a mishap affect you, it affects everyone else who is sharing that server and resources with.

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DNS RR obviously does not know about RD Connection Broker servers being down as DNS RR is not a load balancing technique but more of a load spreading technique. If you use DNS RR, prior to putting the RD Connection Broker down for maintenance, remove it from the DNS. True load balancing could be created by making use of for example hardware load balancers in front of your RD Connection. If you use server load balancing for connections to a group of RDP servers, you must configure the firewall on each RDP server to allow ICMP requests from the Firebox. You can configure a server load balancing SNAT action for traffic sent to an external or optional Firebox interface. Server Probes. To monitor the availability of servers configured in a server load balancing SNAT action, the. Token-Based Load Balancing wird als Methode zur Lastverteilung verwendet. Dieses Dokument ist nicht auf andere Load-Balancing-Methoden anwendbar. Frage. Welche Zeichenkette muss in Sitzungen > RDP > RDP-Sitzungen > [Sitzungsname] > Optionen eingegeben werden, damit das Token-Based Load Balancing funktioniert? Antwort IGEL OS 10.01 bis 10.05.500, 11.01.100. Geben Sie unter Sitzungen > RDP > RDP.

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  1. Creating RDS Load Balancing Farm, RD Session Host & Broker Services on WIn Server 2012 R
  2. That will create a Remote Desktop Protocol load balancer using RDP cookies to track sessions, all of which will allow full active load balancing of an unlimited number of RDP servers. Step 3: Add Your RDP Servers. Next, you will be presented with the options for the load balancing *RDP Group. Defaults have been provided wherever possible, so you will mainly need to enter the RDP Server(s) IP.
  3. an RD Session Host server farm using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), with an RD Connection Broker server managing persistence. The BIG-IP LTM provides advanced load balancing to farm members, while honoring RD Connection Broker routing tokens. This is the path labeled 1 in the following diagram. • Scenario 2: Configuring the BIG-IP LTM for Remote Desktop Access with RD Gateway on page . 8.
  4. al Server Farm over an Microsoft RDP Session Broker. With the Windows Ter

Server 2012 R2 RDS Load balanced Connection broker. We deployed a server 2012 R2 RDS farm containing some session hosts and two session brokers. The sessionbrokers are use for load balancing and are in High Availability mode. We created a Remote Desktop session collectionm which provides a desktop for our users Create another Load Balancer on the SAME IP as the Connection Brokers but this time use TCP port 3389 to take in and load balance RDP traffic passed from the gateway servers. Just ensure that you select both connection brokers to load balance and you can leave the remaining settings as default. Point Internal DNS Name to Load Balancer IP Address . Add a BLANK A record to the new dns zone you. Load Balancing Amazon RDS Read Replica's using HAProxy; Installing HAProxy on pfSense; MySQL Load Balancing with HAProxy - Tutorial; HAProxy vs Nginx benchmark for the Eucalyptus Cloud computing Platform; WebSocket Over SSL: HAProxy, Node.js, Nginx; Comparison Analysis:Amazon ELB vs HAProxy EC2; Simple SPDY and NPN Negotiation with HAProxy ; Using HAProxy to Build a More Featureful Elastic. Sessions are not getting load balanced between XenApp servers in a Delivery Group although load is comparatively less on some server. In Citrix Studio you might notice there are sessions without any user name and those session shows as 'Connected' as Session State. Solution. Avoid accessing same server through HDX and RDP both. Use only one method or enable Multiple RDP Sessions. Restart.

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A hardware load balancer is a dedicated appliance to provide load distribution, and it's relevant features. Some of the popular LB hardware vendors are: F5; TP-Link; Barracuda; They are expensive but give you full control. Cloud load balancer is trending more than ever. Using cloud LB is one of the affordable ways to enjoy full features without investing in a hardware appliance. You pay for. So if you use a hardware load balancer, the FQDN for the VIP would be the same, just a pointer to the RD Connection Brokers but with the load balancer, it will be able to detect if one of the connection brokers is offline or not. The purpose of the load balancing is simply to ensure one of the connection brokers is not overloaded with users trying to access their RemoteApps/Desktops. So to. This post will show you how to configure the load balancing of RDS 2012 Connection brokers. For the configuration of RD Connection broker high Availability please see the following article . Before we get started with the configuration of the KEMP LoadMaster, I have included some information on other load balancing solutions and why its important to use a Hardware/Software load balancers Once I created the NAT rule (so I can RDP to the load balancer over a custom port, and then that's redirected to my management VM), I cannot create the backend pool to use for HTTP load balancing. I go to backend pools and click create and it already fills in associated with and I cannot change that to my web VMs availability set. I've also tried creating the backend pool first, for which I.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Load-Balancing

The Network Load Balancing (NLB) distributes traffic across several servers by using the TCP/IP networking protocol. By combining two or more computers that are running applications into a single virtual cluster, NLB provides reliability and performance for web servers and other mission-critical servers. Windows Server 2019 NLB cluster can support up to 32 Servers in a single NLB cluster. The. I've been reading F5's deployment guide for using F5 BIG IP to load balance two View 5.2 (and eventually 6.0) connection servers. In my instance i'm trying to figure out how to load balance two connection servers for internal users, but due to security reasons, I need to keep RDP sessions to terminal servers proxied through the connection servers (i.e. need to leave Secure Tunnel enabled) RD Session Host server farm using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), with an RD Connection Broker server managing persistence. The BIG-IP LTM provides advanced load balancing to farm members, while honoring RD Connection Broker routing tokens. F5 Deployment Guide 4 Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host Using this guide This deployment guide is intended to help users deploy the BIG-IP system. Session-Based Load Balancing. When a DrayTek router is configured to load balance using Session-Based mode, sessions are assigned to a WAN connection (Internet feed) on a per-session basis, meaning that multiple sessions to the same remote server can make use of each WAN interface on the router.Accessing a website will typically use multiple sessions, for instance downloading the HTML text.

Load balance clusters typically have two or more nodes, and ours is no exception. It's time we add the second web server to the cluster we just created. In the left tree-view panel of the Network Load Balancing Manager, select the name of the cluster we just created (contoso.com). If you don't see it, expand the Network Load Balancing. Zen Load Balancer is now ZEVENET | Load Balancing made easy. Zen Load Balancer has evolved in ZEVENET, a complete Application Delivery Controller much more than a load balancer. Zevenet is easier, securer, more scalable, more available and more ope Lastverteilung per DNS (englisch Round robin DNS) ist eine einfache Lastverteilung für Netzwerkdienste, bei welchem mehrere IP-Adressen im Domain Name System einem Eintrag zugewiesen werden. Clients müssen einen dieser Einträge per Zufall selbst auswählen. Mit den meisten modernen Webbrowsern, cURL und Wget funktioniert Lastverteilung per DNS nicht mehr RDP Load Balance - Private IP works but not Public. hsheldon July 30, 2018 17:06. Hi, We are trying out the Kemp Load Balancer on our Azure network. My plan is to get it working for simple 2 server plan then switch it to a paid plan once these two servers are setup and ready to go. So far I made it work with a simple internal RDP Load Balancer. This setup works: When I RDP to the local ip.

When load balancing HTTP or HTTPS requests from users we do not want to target individual servers behind the load balancer. We want the load balancer to balance the load. Hence it is called a load balancer.. The below shows a typical HTTPS load balanced configuration. This is the public load balancer for my Azure based WAP servers. What we need to add is at the bottom of the screen in the. Find the DNS endpoint URLs for the read replicas. Open the Amazon RDS console.; Choose Databases from the navigation pane, and then select each read replica.; Note (or copy) the DNS endpoint URL, next to Endpoint.; Create a Route 53 hosted zone . Note: If you already have a hosted zone, you can skip this step Open the Route 53 console, and choose Hosted zones from the navigation pane It's easy to load-balance RDS protocol using the mstshash cookie, since microsoft described his protocol: it allows advanced persistence. Basically, each user owns a dedicated mstshash cookie value. That said, being able to detect weird behavior or service abusers would be much better. Actually, the ALOHA Load-Balancer allows you to monitor each source IP address, and, much better, each.

About Global Server Load Balancing Introducing BIG-IP DNS BIG-IP ® DNS (formerly GTM™) is a system that monitors the availability and performance of global resources and uses that information to manage network traffic patterns. BIG-IP DNS uses load balancing Snapt Aria Software Load Balancer. Layer 7 software load balancing, web acceleration, WAF and global DNS load balancer. Blazing fast throughputs, high SSL TPS, Aria load balancer runs on any cloud, VM or bare metal. Download Free Trial

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  1. We initially load-balanced only the RD Web Access portion using SSL and although we can access and to the portal, user was not able to launch RDP or RemoteApp session. Thanks. Wilco. April 20, 2021 at 2:55 am. Reply. Your questions are a bit out of scope of this article. You would like to load balance the Connection Broker for high availability (if one server fails the other will take.
  2. The Random load balancing method should be used for distributed environments where multiple load balancers are passing requests to the same set of backends. For environments where the load balancer has a full view of all requests, use other load balancing methods, such as round robin, least connections and least time. Optionally, for each upstream server specify server‑specific parameters.
  3. Load balance remote desktop protocol (RDP) servers . Load balance the Microsoft Exchange server . Use case 1: SMPP load balancing. Use case 2: Configure rule based persistence based on a name-value pair in a TCP byte stream. Use case 3: Configure load balancing in direct server return mode. Use case 4: Configure LINUX servers in DSR mod

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Connection Server on an RDS host tracks user sessions and allows a user to reconnect to their existing session in a load-balanced RDS farm. To participate in Connection Server on an RDS host, the Remote Desktop Session Host role service must be installed on the RDS host. If the policy setting is enabled, the RDS host joins the farm that is specified in the Configure RD Connection Broker Farm. Hi geek, going through this article means you are finding Load Balancing as well as Link Redundancy solution for your MikroTik network because you already have multiple WAN connections or you are planning to lease multiple WAN connections. MikroTik has various Load Balancing and Link Redundancy methods such as ECMP, PCC and so on

Here I want to show, in details, how you would go about to expose load balanced web server VMs using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources. It sounds trivial but funnily enough I didn't find an ARM template fully doing it without bugs. I want to explain how it works and all the moving pieces (and there are a few). I'll walk you through the portal in order to create the artefacts and I. Load Balancing RD 2016 connection brokers. I'm trying to load balancing my rds connection brokers services with my netscaler vpx 12 (just my connection brokers). I tried all the solutions: lb vserver with rdp protocole, with tcp protocole and tried to use the same settings on my service group vserver (tcp 3389 or rdp 3389) You can configure load balancing for RDS hosts by configuring load balancing settings in Horizon Console or by creating and configuring load balancing scripts. By default, Connection Server uses the following formula to balance the placement of published desktop and application sessions on RDS hosts: (connected sessions + pending sessions + disconnected sessions)/(maximum session count) If the. Internal load balancing and Cloud VPN (click to enlarge) Note the following configuration elements associated with this example: In the lb-network, a Cloud VPN tunnel that uses dynamic routing has been configured. The VPN tunnel, gateway, and Cloud Router are all located in us-west1, the same region where the internal load balancer's components are located. Ingress allow firewall rules have.

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  1. e how to distribute load among the load-balanced servers that it manages. The default load balancing method is the least connection method, in which the Citrix ADC appliance forwards each inco
  2. The load balancing architecture has changed and DNS RR is no longer supported; In the following section we will discuss these changes in more detail. More RDP Sessions, Same Hardware RD Gateway is.
  3. Currently, RDS read replicas support transparent load balancing of queries or connections. Each replica has a unique Domain Name Service (DNS) endpoint so that an application can implement load balancing by connecting to the replica endpoint. Let's look at the options on how we can make applications aware of RDS read replicas. If your application is using the native MySQL driver, there are.
  4. Over 30 Million Users Remotely Connect Devices Via Splashtop. Fast & Secure. Try It Free! Splashtop Remote Access For Professionals And Businesses. Fast & Secure. Try It Free
  5. Use case 1 (Implement Load Balancer for RDP port 3389) 5.1. Resource Group 5.2. Create Virtual Network (VNET) 5.3. Create Network Security Group (NSG) 5.4. Associate SN to NSG 5.5. Public IP address 5.6. Public Load Balancer 5.6.1. Backend Pool 5.6.2. Health Probes 5.6.3. Load balance rule 5.7. Virtual Machine 5.8. Load balancer Final Status.
  6. RE: Remote desktop logon settings - load balance. Jump to solution. That's I already try. On General -> Logon settin g I entered an RDS host IP address and undre connectivity -> server list IP of connection broker. In that setup I always get connected to the same RDS host
  7. al Server farm, including the operating system of the Ter

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  1. We do this because most of the link load balancing devices we've seen only allow one active at a time. But if yours supports two active WAN connections, then why not use both! We can easily publish a DNS record for two at the same time (or 3, 4, 5 etc. there really isn't a limit). The beauty of this design is that when stops responding, the monitor detects it right away and.
  2. set load-balance group DUAL_ISP interface eth0.99 route-test type ping target set load-balance group DUAL_ISP interface eth0.99 weight 90. Here, I've divided up the connections with weight s so the cable connection gets used for 90% of the load and the ADSL connection gets 10% of the load. This is due to the difference in speeds
  3. load balance Windows 2012 R2 RDS servers remote apps with ThinRDP (HTML5 web based RDP connections) problem (too old to reply) Vanhulst Koen 2014-04-12 08:40:21 UTC. Permalink. Hi, I'm trying to get to 2 RDS servers with ThinRDP on it (HTML5 access for RDP) load balanced with ZEN Load Balancer. I've used the redirect option in the farm setup, but it doesn't seem to use the second redirect.
  4. OpenWRT LoadBalancing - LTE Backup Internetleitung multiwan. Mit OpenWRT ist es möglich zwei Internetverbindungen zu kombinieren, dadurch kann neben der Verfügbarkeit auch die Bandbreite erhöht werden: Im Versuchsaufbau haben sich die Down- und Uploadloadraten summiert, die Internetverbindung wird damit doppelt so schnell und sollte eine.
  5. This Citrix video explains how to configure and test RDP load balancing with Citrix NetScaler VPX
  6. istration guide. Monitoring and Troubleshooting RDSH Load Balancing The Horizon Ad
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So you can RDP or SSH directly through the load balancer to a backend instance. Mike Pfeiffer: This pattern has been around since the early days of Azure. And in fact, when Azure virtual machines first GAD backend like 2013, I think it was. The default config was, when you spin up a VM, it was sitting behind a load balancer. We had to set up NAT rules so we could RDP in and do stuff. And so. Load balancing is often used to implement failover—the continuation of a service after the failure of one or more of its components. The components are monitored continually (e.g., web servers may be monitored by fetching known pages), and when one becomes unresponsive, the load balancer is informed and no longer sends traffic to it. When a component comes back online, the load balancer. Network Load Balanced clusters are built using the Network Load Balancing Manager which may be launched from the Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools menu or from a command prompt by executing nlbmgr. Once loaded, the manager will appear as shown in the following figure: To pre-configure the account and password credentials to be used on each node in the cluster, select Options. Password: Pa55w.rd. Exercise 1: Implement inbound load balancing and NAT by using Azure Load Balancer Standard. The main tasks for this exercise are as follows: Deploy Azure VMs in an availability set by using an Azure Resource Manager template. Create an instance of Azure Load Balancer Standard. Create a load balancing rule of Azure Load Balancer Standard. Create a NAT rule of Azure Load. Layer-7 load balancer (or the ingress controller) supports host and path-based load balancing and SSL termination. Layer-7 load balancer only forwards HTTP and HTTPS traffic and therefore they listen on ports 80 and 443 only. Cloud providers such as Amazon and Google support layer-7 load balancer. In addition, RKE clusters deploys the Nginx Ingress Controller

NAT環境でゲートウェイサーバとして運用する定義例Microsoft Azure: load-balancing de serveurs IIS - NotamaxLoad Balance Terminal Services & Citrix Servers: 2XHow to Setup Remote Desktop Connection Broker LoadAzure Load Balancer Setup with MyWorkDrive VirtualLoad Balancing Microsoft Remote Desktop ServicesTutorial: Configure port forwarding - Azure portal - Azure

Install PSM in a Load-Balancing Environment. Installing multiple PSMs in an load balancing configuration offers you enhanced availability, improved performance and better utilization of hardware resources compared to an active-passive cluster. The load balancing architecture relies on an external tool that reflects multiple PSM servers as a single IP or DNS address. PSM load balancing supports. To test this, connect to a backend VM using either SSH or RDP. Then perform the following tests using either curl, telnet, When using an internal TCP/UDP load balancer as a next hop for a custom static route, all traffic is delivered to the load balancer's healthy backend VMs, regardless of the protocol configured for the load balancer's internal backend service, and regardless of the port. Simplify load balancing for applications. With built-in application load balancing for cloud services and virtual machines, you can create highly-available and scalable applications in minutes. Azure Load Balancer supports TCP/UDP-based protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and SMTP, and protocols used for real-time voice and video messaging applications Through RDS Proxy, you can create additional read-only endpoints for an Aurora cluster. These endpoints perform the same kind of load-balancing as the Aurora reader endpoint. Applications can reconnect more quickly to the proxy endpoints than the Aurora reader endpoint if reader instances become unavailable. The proxy endpoints can also take. Elastic Load Balancing creates a network interface for each Availability Zone you enable. Each load balancer node in the Availability Zone uses this network interface to get a static IP address. When you create an Internet-facing load balancer, you can optionally associate one Elastic IP address per subnet Click Add to create a new load balancing rule. Configure like the following: Name: unique load balancing rule name; Frontend IP address: choose from the two available values. In this example, let's choose the one associated with FortiGate A. Protocol:TCP; Port: 3389 for an RDP request made by your remote desktop application

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