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We do not know if, apart from Tagalog, that Constitution has ever been translated into the languages of all the peoples of the Philippines so that, like the claim to the Philippines as some kind of a working democracy, people could say, in their own language, that their basic human right to their own language is guaranteed by their own Constitution. This means that this failure is itself a proof of unconstitutional acts of the Philippine Government, its pertinent language and culture. Ethnologue, a compendium of world languages, states that 28 Philippine languages are in trouble, up from 13 in 2016. Eleven languages are dying, and several are already extinct Language Issues in Canada. Language Issues in Hawaii. Language Issues in Japan for Nikkeijin Brazilians. Language Issues in Singapore. Language Issues in Sri Lanka. Language Issues in the Philippines. Minority Language Rights. New Words. Official Languages. Taboo Language. The English Only Movement . Other issues students are interested in researching in this course. Child Soldiers . Language Issues in the Philippines Dr. Lakangiting Garcia, an associate professor at De La Salle University told Coconuts Manila last month that he has noticed the decline in Filipino-language usage among his own students. [E]specially for millennials, it looks like the youth's proficiency in their own language is rapidly declining, he said in Filipino

Current issues in Philippine linguistics and anthropology parangal kay Lawrence A. Reid. Introduction vii List of Lawrence A. Reid's publications ix List of Contributors xvii Robin Hemley Laurie Reid's Importance to the Tasaday Controversy xxi Part One: Overview Philippine Linguistics from an SIL Perspective: Trends and Prospects by J. Stephen. Kalagan (KGE) has recently been included in the trouble list of Philippine languages; it is threatened, which means that it gradually loses its speakers (Eberhard, Simons, & Fennig, 2019). In order to aid in revitalizing Kalagan, this paper documents its variety in Samal Island called Isamal by describing and accounting for its basic linguistic features drawn from elicited and text data. Furthermore, it provides notes on the salient features of Isamal—mainly, phonological (i.e., its. Those who teach and advocate the wider use of Filipino see CHED as threatening its place with the current proposals to abolish its teaching as a language at the university level in the coming.. Dekker, D & Young, C 2005, 'Bridging the gap: the development of appropriate educational strategies for minority language communities in the Philippines', Current Issues in Language Planning, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 182-199. CrossRef Google Schola Currently, there are 19 languages considered by DepEd in its MTB-MLE implementation. These are enumerated by Albert in his article: Tagalog, Kapampangan, Pangasinense, Ilokano, Bikol, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Waray, Tausug, Maguindanaoan, Maranao, Chabacano, Ybanag, Ivatan, Sambal, Aklanon, Kinaray-a, Yakan, and Surigaonon. The spellings of the names of these languages differ, but one should be.

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  1. In a separate study by Thomas N. Headland, the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Dallas, and the University of North Dakota called Thirty Endangered Languages in the Philippines, the Philippines has 32 endangered languages, but 2 of the listed languages in the study are written with 0 speakers, noting that they are extinct or probably extinct. All of the listed languages are Negrito languages, the oldest languages in the Philippines
  2. g has become one of the major problems worldwide since it affects the whole planet and it slowly engulfs our world every
  3. Blust (1999) claims that around 1000 years after the dispersal of Philippine languages, there was a 'great extinction', with one language expanding and wiping out all other languages in the Philippines, in a bid by its speakers to find new agricultural land. Subsequently, this language differentiated into the different subgroups found toda
  4. Corruption, poverty and human rights issues are three of the major social issues facing the Philippines in 2017. Corruption. Corruption is a decades-old problem in the Philippines. The country ranks 101 out of 176 countries on the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which evaluated the countries' corruption levels on a scale from 0 to 100. The Philippines scored 35 out of 100, and the.
  5. The linguistic diversity of the Philippines arises from natural processes broadly relating to language change, the divergence between linguistic communities caused by lack of communication, and the converse convergence caused by a high rate of communication between communities. The people of the Philippines are experiencing a period of language convergence, marked by high levels of borrowing from large languages such as English, Tagalog, as well as from regionally important.
  6. This language primarily consists of Tagalog with some mix of other Philippine languages. Public school teachers rely on Filipino to teach most classes, and it is the language of choice for televised media and cinema. Today, it has become the lingua franca throughout the majority of the country as well as in Philippine communities around the world. Regional Languages Of The Philippines . Twenty.

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20 Issues in language learning TWELVE ISSUES IN LANGUAGE LEARNING In the sections that follow 12 issues are identified that relate to language learning and in particular, the learning of a foreign language (LF), whether a national (LN) or mother tongue (L1) language is being considered or whether a second language (L2) through exposure in a natura Philippines top stories on politics, legislation, environment and government policies as well as updates from around the globe Not only have there been problems plaguing agriculture in the short term; there have also been long-standing structural problems affecting the sector, namely: weak growth of agricultural output.

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Editorial: language testing in the Philippines. Assessment reform is one of the keys to educational reform. In the Philippines, assessment reform is part of the K to 12 reform agenda implemented in June of 2012. As in any other reform, teachers are pressured to implement the changes in standards and student evaluation The key issues and problems in Philippine education which need further debate and depth analysis as well as immediate resolution include the following: 1. Deteriorating quality of education. It is uncommon to hear college teachers decry the quality of students that come to them. They lament the students' inability to construct a correct sentence, much less a paragraph. Private schools have.

landscape. In this paper, we will examine some of the issues in relation to this by focusing on English and mother-tongue-based multilingual education in the Philippines. #is study is _____ Asian Journal of English Language Studies (AJELS) Volume 1, October 2013 2 necessary because it will add to current discussions on mother-tongue-based education in the Philippines by considering the results. The conflict primarily consisted of open violence and discrimination against Muslims by the Philippine government. The conflict between the muslim natives and the christian immigrants has spread politically through discrimination. Many Islamic terrorists threaten the government and have attacked the country through blatant violence 60+ times. Huge Selection on Second Hand Books. Low Prices & Free Delivery. Start Shopping! World of Books is one of the largest online sellers of second-hand books in the worl

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Languages. unspecified Filipino (official; based on Tagalog) and English (official); eight major dialects - Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and Pangasinan . Religions. Roman Catholic 80.6%, Protestant 8.2% (includes Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches 2.7%, National Council of Churches in the Philippines 1.2%, other Protestant 4.3%), other. There are some 120 to 187 languages spoken in the Philippines, depending on the method of classification. Almost all are Malayo-Polynesian languages native to the archipelago. A number of Spanish-influenced creole varieties generally called Chavacano are also spoken in certain communities. The 1987 constitution designates Filipino, a standardized version of Tagalog, as the national language. Dekker, D., & Young, C. (2005). Bridging the gap: The development of appropriate educational strategies for minority language communities in the Philippines. Current Issues in Language Planning, 6, 182-199. CrossRef Google Schola The Philippines has had a complicated history with its diverse array of languages. The adoption of Tagalog as the basis for Filipino in 1937, to the chagrin of non-Tagalog ethnic groups that. • Printed in English, 7 languages and 24 dialects • 20,695 respondent households; 61,410 respondent individuals • Two forms: -Household questionnaire •Demographic Characteristics •(Basic) Literacy and Education •Employment Characteristics •Household Characteristics/Amenities -Individual questionnaire. Republic of the Philippines Philippine Statistics Authority 5 2013.

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  1. In my 40 years of life in the Philippines, it still the same issue and some more. * Corruption - from worst to a higher degree of worst. Politicians now are frickin' justifying their unethical and most of the time illegal activities. The hell do t..
  2. However, given the fact that both the language submersion models as the compartmentalised bilingual education models cannot present a cum laude school report; given the increased language diversity in schools and classrooms; given the fact that translanguaging or code-switching can be considered as the discursive norm in multilingual spaces and given the current highly polarised and rather.
  3. The Philippines is a main player in the international women's arena and this is anchored on a very vibrant local women's movement. Numerous organizations and NGOs exist for the cause of gender equality and other related women issues. This puts the gender equality issues at the forefront of national discourse and precludes further downslide of women status in the modern Philippine society.
  4. The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking nations with majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos. It is the language of commerce and law, as well as the primary medium of instruction in education
  5. The current relationship in the Philippines between indigenous peoples and the state can be characterized as a legal and institutional stalemate. In Philippine law, indigenous peoples' ancestral domains are recognized under native title as never having been public land. At the same time, Philippine land law is founded on the Regalian Doctrine and its premise that all natural resources in the.
  6. The human rights situation in the Philippines is deteriorating in a fast pace and the Filipino government is doing very little to tackle the issues. Nevertheless, these following 10 human rights NGOs are constantly fighting for the improvement of the human rights situation in the country
  7. Healthcare in the Philippines is considered to be of good quality by international standards. For instance, the World Health Organization ranks the efficiency of the Filipino healthcare system 60th in the world. Meanwhile, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, using medical access and quality as their criteria, ranks the Philippines 124th in the world. Regardless of the assessment criteria.

Issues in language learning John P. Keeves Flinders University john.keeves@flinders.edu.au I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan University of Adelaide This article considers the current debate in Australia into the learning of literacy and foreign languages. It examines not only the literacy levels attained by Australian students in their national language (English) in comparison to these in other. The Philippines today is tormented with various social afflictions - poverty, crime, corruption, and indifference. Just as Jose Rizal and others like him exclaimed, the task of cultivating the motherland is burdened upon the youth. Hence, how can we address these social ills plaguing Philippine Society? What role does the youth play in addressing these social ills

The Philippines is recognized globally as one of the largest English-speaking nations, with the majority of its population having at least some degree of fluency in the language. English has always been one of the country's official languages, and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos. It is the language of commerce and law, as well as the primary medium of instruction in education Contextualization in the Philippines • Translating a story written in another language to the language of one's learners for use in MTB-MLE. 15. www.company.com CONTEXTUALIZATION 16. www.company.com INDIGENIZATION Araling Panlipunan • Reading / dramatizing the life of local heroes • Discussing local environmental problems • Staging a debate on local issues Science or Mathematics. By CNN Philippines Staff. The DTI says around 200,000 to 300,000 Filipinos are currently waiting to return to work with the easing of restrictions. Latest Articles. Quezon City launches nighttime. One of the most pressing environmental issues impacting the Philippines is climate change.As an island country located in the Southeast Asia Pacific region, the Philippines is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.Some of these impacts include increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, sea level rise, extreme rainfall, resource shortages, and environmental degradation

COVID-19 Information Last updated:06/07/2021 All airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the United States may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding. The issue of debates focus on the essence of Filipino language as a nationalistic identity versus its importance to global competitiveness. The idea in studying English language over Filipino is to become globally competitive in finding job opportunities abroad. Hence, more than the value of language in a global standard for job employment of the Filipino abroad, this essay is an attempt to. Philippines Population Projections. The notable rate of population increase in the Philippines is projected to slow in the future, but should still be substantial. The current growth rate of 1.52% is projected to halve by 2050. The population is forecast to hit 110 million by 2020, and 125 million by 2030 Philippines. Economy 2020. The economy has been relatively resilient to global economic shocks due to less exposure to troubled international securities, lower dependence on exports, relatively resilient domestic consumption, large remittances from about 10 million overseas Filipino workers and migrants, and a rapidly expanding services industry

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Get the latest BBC World News: international news, features and analysis from Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States and Canada PHILIPPINE ENGLISHAlso Filipino English. The English language as used in the Philippines, a state of South-East Asia consisting of more than 7,000 islands.The 1980 census counted the number of Filipinos with some competence in English as around 65%: some 35m people. Ability ranges from a smattering of words and phrases through passive comprehension to near-native mastery

In this lesson, we'll go over some of the current issues and trends in English language learning, including those related to core curriculum subjects, culture, student engagement, and technology Issues plaguing art authentication. The two methods (i.e.) visual analysis based on old school of connoisseurship and scientific analysis based on interpretation of data do not speak with each.

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The Philippines is a country located in Southeast Asia comprised of more than 7,000 islands. Poverty has proven to be one of the most significant challenges facing this country and its citizens. Filipinos are having a hard time surviving in such difficult conditions, and more and more are falling into extreme poverty.. According to the Asian Development Bank, the major causes of poverty. English is the official business language in the Philippines. Most correspondences, contracts, and other documents are written in English. Among Filipinos, however, it is common to hear Taglish (a combination of Tagalog and English and English, or shifting back and forth between the two languages) during informal conversations. Body language and hand gestures (e.g., a raised eyebrow, a.

Philippines News.Net is the oldest Philippines news service on the Web. Continuously updates national headlines, world, business, and finance news The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands in the South China, Philippine, Sulu, and Celebes Seas, along with the Luzon Strait. The topography of the islands is mostly mountainous with narrow to large coastal lowlands, depending on the island. The Philippines is divided into three main geographic areas: the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The climate of the Philippines is. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages Philippines Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline

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The IAFOR Journal of Language Learning Volume I - Issue I - Winter 2014 1. 1. Introduction The role of language as a medium of instruction in promoting an effective teaching and learning is an issue that has occupied many scholars all over the world for many years (Orr 1987a, 1997 as cited by Deyi, et al., 2007). This role of language as a medium of instruction has been a concern mostly in. Read more: Current Issues in the Philippines. Problems and Issues in K to 12 Curriculum. Overview. It is not that difficult to understand why, despite the additional costs the program would entail, the public generally appears to take President Benigno Aquino III's K to 12 basic education program sitting down. That is if state-sponsored. Mental illness in the Philippines is a silent killer, with at least 2,558 cases of suicide arising from mental health issues reported in 2012 alone. The time is ripe to talk about it as a pressing. Introduction: The State of the Art Currently, English has dominated the context of foreign language learning and teaching in Iran. English language is considered by many as the international language. Its acquisition can guarantee the availability of opportunities to employment, traveling, higher education, and even better life (Crystal, 1997). Teaching English as a foreign language is a. Add to the fact that the Philippines is not exactly one of the most liberal-minded countries in the world, and you have a sure-fire recipe for all-out controversy. Also Read: 10 Funniest Pinoy TV Bloopers. Still, as the saying goes, bad publicity is still publicity. Here are ten adverts and the reasons why they were banned or pulled out. Table of Contents. 1. LBC's Spelling Bee.

Reflection 8: Current Issues and Trends in Curriculum Development Effective Planning of Curriculum. Planning, a complex task, is the most important aspect of curriculum development. In this early stage, educators should collaborate with parents, community members, and students. In fact, all stakeholders need to share their expertise in creating a curriculum based on high standards for student. Here are eight of the top issues for public practitioners. Updated 8 March 2019. 1. Staying on top of tax changes. Constant changes to the tax regime mean the need for public practice accountants to stay up to date is greater than ever. Whether those changes are intended to stimulate parts of the economy, benefit certain taxpayers, close loopholes or directly raise greater revenue, they can.

In order to achieve this by 2030, we must address the urgent health challenges currently plaguing the world. Join us and take action here . With a new decade in full swing, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a list of pressing health challenges for the next 10 years, developed by public health and policy experts around the world The church normally controlled spiritual matters, while the state usually deals with secular issues, but intermeddling was not uncommon, as there was unification of the church and the state at the time. Spanish Catholic missionaries taught Filipinos their customs, language, manners, habits, and trades. Even today, most of the Filipino population carries Spanish family names, such as Reyes. Current Environmental Issues . Climate Change - Climate Crisis UNEP report: To limit temperature increase to 1.5°C, we must drop our greenhouse gas emissions 7.6% each year between 2020 and 2030.This will take an all-hands-on-deck effort. Here's how you can help!. Climate change, or global warming, is the greatest environmental threat we've ever faced Native Language is Becoming Extinct; Limited Financial Institutions in the Native Communities; Natural Resources Exploitation ; 567 tribes that are recognized by the federal government see these issues. The Native Americans, a diverse race of people, are subjected to racial abuse, societal discrimination, wrong depiction in arts mental, spiritual and physical violence and others. These. Philippines Starts War Games With United States as China Claims Territory. Some 4,500 American troops and 2,300 Filipino troops will conduct war games in the Philippines as part of an annual drill while Manila is embroiled in a territorial dispute with China. Philippine Power Outages Spark $116M Suit Against Government

In the Philippines they think about gender differently. We could too. Vonne Patiag. This article is more than 2 years old. The labels we give ourselves can be helpful but restrictive too. Let's. More information about Philippines is available on the and global issues. The U.S.-Philippine Bilateral Strategic Dialogue is the annual forum for forward planning across the spectrum of our relationship. There more than four million U.S. citizens of Philippine ancestry in the United States, and more than 350,000 U.S. citizens in the Philippines, including a large number of United States. English language proficiency and academic performance in Science, Mathematics and English of the 216 Grade 8 students of Philippine Science High School in Northern Luzon - Ilocos Region Campus, Cordillera Autonomous Region and Cagayan Valley Campus. Frequency distribution and Pearson's r correlation were the statistical tools used to treat the data. Findings reveal that majority of the. Facts and statistics about the Environment - current issues of Philippines. Updated as of 2020 What is it about the Philippines that makes it different from the rest of the world? Well, for one thing, it is all about their culture. Here are 11 things you should know about Filipino culture that sets them apart from any other nation on the planet. Filipinos are very resilient. In times of calamities and catastrophes, Filipinos always manage to rise above the challenge. Instead of.

Why the Philippines naturally has many languages The Philippines is naturally divided. As an archipelago, its land is scattered into many islands of various sizes. Because of this, the inhabitants of these islands develop different cultures - clothing, food, religious practices, art forms, and arguably the most important of all, their language. There is this running joke among Filipinos that. The second issue that the Philippine educational system faces is the budget for education. Although it has been mandated by the Philippine Constitution for the government to allocate the highest proportion of its government to education, the Philippines remains to have one of the lowest budget allocations to education among ASEAN countries. The third prevalent issue the Philippine educational. QUEZON CITY, December 5, 2019 - Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones issued directives to address the challenge of quality in basic education during the Multi-Stakeholder Panel Discussion: PISA and the Challenge of Education Quality in the Philippines held at SEAMEO Innotech on December 4.For the full transcript of Sec. Briones' speech at the forum, click here.

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National / Social Issues Apr 28, 2021. Number of homeless people in Japan hits record low. The number of homeless people in Japan stood at 3,824 as of January, down 4.2% from a year before, the. These major issues as well as ways to manage them are as follows: Confidentiality - The protection of private patient information in the medical field is one of the most important ethical issues that may arise in the field of healthcare. Conversations between a patient and a doctor are strictly confidential and access to them is strictly monitored. An ethics committee needs to make sure that. CIE British School is the only authorized examination center for Cambridge English Language Assessments. Dec 05, 2019 . Elite Boxing and Muay Thai Gym in Legaspi Village: Be Trained by Seasoned Players and Professionals. With spacious training areas, clean facilities and equipment, and trustworthy trainers, the gym has become a popular place for locals to work out at. VIEW MORE. LATEST ISSUE. Philippines - Philippines - The Spanish period: Spanish colonial motives were not, however, strictly commercial. The Spanish at first viewed the Philippines as a stepping-stone to the riches of the East Indies (Spice Islands), but, even after the Portuguese and Dutch had foreclosed that possibility, the Spanish still maintained their presence in the archipelago The Philippines' Coronavirus Lockdown Is Becoming a Crackdown. Curfew violators, poor and displaced residents, activists, and alleged fake news disseminators are facing arrest and.

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The Heritage Foundation is shining a light on America's biggest issues so that we can begin to work together on solutions. Learn more about health care, immigration, spending, election integrity. Philippines - Philippines - Sports and recreation: A number of sports introduced by the Americans in the early 20th century enjoy great popularity in the Philippines. Basketball is particularly prominent, with amateur games occurring regularly in neighbourhoods throughout the country. The Philippines has also fielded formidable national teams for the World Basketball Championships The Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) led a gathering of top administrators of universities and colleges as well as business executives and industry leaders to discuss issues that affect the system of higher education. The summit aimed to link higher education with industry to solve the eternal problem of a mismatch between jobs in the market and the skills of graduates

Language, Culture and Society provides an international platform for cutting-edge research that advances thinking and understanding of the complex intersections of language, culture and society, with the aim of pushing traditional disciplinary boundaries through theoretical and methodological innovation. Contributors are encouraged to pay close attention to the contextualized forms of semiotic. There are currently 19 recognized minority languages in use. English and Filipino are introduced as languages of instruction from grades 4 to 6, in preparation for their exclusive use in junior and senior secondary high school. Secondary Education. Pre-reform: Prior to the 2016/17 school year, when the first cohort entered grade 11 of the new senior secondary cycle, basic education ended after. Current Environmental Issues. Let's take a glance at the 15 environmental issues of the US today. These issues are not listed in any particular order. 1. Contaminated Soil. The first environmental issue affecting North America is soil pollution. Soil pollution is a serious environmental issue in many American states today

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  1. Different Types of Environmental Issues. Some of the major environmental issues that are causing immense concern are environmental pollution, air pollution, water pollution, garbage pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, resource depletion, climate change etc. Most of these have resulted as a result of human overpopulation and also the.
  2. The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino (which is based on Tagalog) and English. More than 180 different languages and dialects are spoken in the Philippines. Commonly used languages include Tagalog (26 million speakers), Cebuano (21 million), Ilocano (7.8 million), Hiligaynon or Ilonggo (7 million), Waray-Waray (3.1 million), Bicolano (2.5 million), Pampango and Pangasinan (2.4.
  3. Rural versus Urban Social Issues. Many scholars have identified fundamental differences between the causes and consequences of issues experienced the rural and urban sectors. The rural sector has five identifying characteristics. Firstly, people are either directly or indirectly dependent upon agriculture. Next, the upper caste citizens are the largest landholders. Thirdly, the roles and.
  4. The Philippine language situation - McFarland - 2004
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  6. Philippine Contemporary Problems and Issues - 1511 Words
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